On this episode of The Undressing Room Podcast, Lore’l and Claudia Jordan give praises to Tyler Perry for being the epitome of black excellence. Perry was listed third on the Forbes list for being one of the highest paid entertainers in 2022. Lore’l and Claudia talk about the NBA All-Star game and how men try […]

Meagan Good gave flowers to Whoopi Goldberg for helping her in her divorce. Meagan says Whoopi gave her great advice that helped her get through this time. Whoopi says she will never get married.

Lore’l and special guest Claudia Jordan talk about Lori Harvey’s dating history and whether Black owned hair brands are glowing up or selling out. Plus, would you join a gym that doubles as a nightclub? Also, listen in as we unlock the craziest message in Lore’l’s DMs. If you want your question featured on the […]

Lore’l and special guest Yandi Smith discuss the importance of leaving a kind impression on the people you work with. Plus, the ladies get into why hurt people, hurt people and how much is too much to spend on a wedding! Also, listen in as we unlock the craziest message in Lore’l’s DMs. If you […]

Happy New Year! Find out how New Year’s resolutions have shifted over the past couple of years with millennials. Plus, dating goals are a big one for this year.  The duo discusses the current dating trends that may take over 2023, so don’t get caught up. If you want your question featured on the show, […]

It’s the 100th episode of The Undressing Room! Thank you for rocking with Lore’l and Eva as they discussed pop-culture, relationships, and great personal stories. Take a trip down memory lane as the duo talks top episodes, their favorite moments, and of course- the best DM’s. If you want your question featured on the show, […]

Lore’l and Eva prepare for the holiday by sharing some of their favorite traditions of the season. Plus, why are more millennials staying home for the holidays instead of being with their family? There are layers to what the season brings- the good and the bad. If you want your question featured on the show, […]

  Diddy and Yung Miami go together ‘real bad’, but he just had a baby and social media is side eyeing! Plus, do men truly like women or do they just tolerate them? This has been a hot conversation amongst Black men and women. We’ll hear different men’s perspectives plus Lore’l and Eva will give […]

This week, we get into Blair Underwood marrying his long time friend who was around before his ex-wife. Social media isn’t buying his story. Plus, what type of lie would make you leave your spouse? This woman left over what she considers a “tiny lie”. Find out more about that explosive story. If you want […]

A NFL wife goes viral for saying her hubby’s work check is her money– but do you think she’s wrong? Plus, two suburban Black men explain why they think Black women prefer “thugs”. How do you reach your goals? Glorilla manifested a great year for herself! Find out about her cleanse. The Final Question To […]