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Doja Cat Warns White Fans Not To Say N-Word

Source: Theo Wargo / Getty / Doja Cat

Doja Cat is currently on her Scarlet Tour ripping stages and making sure her white fans keep the N-word out of their mouths while reciting her song lyrics.

Video of the “Say So” crafter telling her adoring caucasian fans to “Watch your mouth if you’re white” before she began performing her song “Aint Sh*t.”

How noble of her.

Some people might find Doja Cat keeping her white fans in line ironic because the rapper herself has done some questionable things, like including a racial slur in one of her song titles and allegedly, and we mean ALLEGEDLY, showing feet in white supremacist chat rooms.

She also dates Jeffrey “J” Cyrus, who was blasted in a Dlisted write-up for being highly problematic. Following photos of the couple getting cozy on a yacht, disgusted reactions to the new couple hit the X, formerly Twitter timelines.

“i can not even begin to express my disgust with jcyrus. this is so gross. i was friends and mutuals with so many people personally affected by his actions. i was even mutuals and was apart of one of his projects/streams. he is a groomer. he is a manipulator. he’s DISGUSTING,” one X user wrote.

There was also that heada** now-deleted X post where he said you should never give your Black friends Kentucky Fried Chicken or sharing a 2013 Vine with the caption reading, “black ass white boy.”

So it appears Doja Cat is out here trying to look out for Black and Brown fans at her shows after initially dogging them and losing many followers for criticizing them for calling themselves “Kittenz.”

Well, we hope Doja Cat is keeping that energy with her white boo and any white friends she has.

Photo: Theo Wargo / Getty

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