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Jalen Rose has few peers in the world of crispy lineups and intact hairlines, especially in the NBA. The retired Detroit baller and current analyst recently shared that the lowest price a patron should pay for a haircut is $100 and Rose went up for both barbers and beauticians in his statement.

Jalen Rose, fresh at 50, spoke exclusively with Boardroom, the platform operated by Kevin Durant and his partner Rich Kleiman. In the brief video, Rose dispelled wisdom on what it should cost at the starting point to get the shapeups and tapers of your dreams.

“So first off, The minimum you’re supposed to be spending for a quality haircut is $100,” Rose began. “I’m here to defend the sanctuary this is called barbers and beauticians. You know, so many guys and people out here think y’all gonna show up and get a fly haircut and y’all gonna spend $35 dollars.

Rose contained, “Y’all gonna go to the end of the line. Y’all gonna hit up your barber, they gonna send you to the voicemail. You’ll have a 1 o’clock appointment. You gonna get there at 1 o’clock, and somebody gonna be sitting in that chair.”

The video doesn’t share where Rose is but it could be assumed that the interview took place in Salt Lake City, Utah where the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend festivities are set to kick off. And one thing is for certain, Rose knows a thing or two about keeping a fresh cut and has one of the most formidable hairlines in the game. His only comp in the strong hairline game is Paul George and Anthony Davis at this point.

Check out the reactions to Jalen Rose saying you gotta pay a whole meatball at the minimum to get a fresh cut. Do you agree? Disagree? Engage the tweet below or sound off in our comments section. As for us? We don’t have Jalen Rose money so you got it, Big Dog.

Photo: Marcus Ingram / Getty

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