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It’s been three years since 49-year-old Ronald Greene was tased, beaten, and choked during a deadly arrest by Louisiana State Police and one thing is clear regarding the investigation into his death—the deeper the probe the more cops are found to be lying their blue arses off.

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Perhaps that’s the reason former Col. Kevin Reeves—who stepped down in 2020 amid criticism of his handling of the case—has just been charged with contempt of court because he’s refused to turn over the handwritten journals he kept while he was still leading the agency the initially (and falsely) reported that Greene died due to injuries sustained in a car crash, not police brutality.

According to the Associated Press, lawmakers investigating Greene’s death voted unanimously to hold Reeves in contempt of court and fine him $5,000. “If affirmed by the full state House, it will allow lawmakers to ask a court to compel Reeves to turn over three handwritten journals,” AP reported.

Reeves’ attorney, Lewis Unglesby, claims his client cooperated with investigators by turning over 11 pages of his journal. Unglesby said the rest of the journal doesn’t have anything to do with the case. But even if that’s true, why not just hand over the whole thing to satisfy the committee? What does Reeves have to hide? If he’s done nothing wrong he has nothing to worry about, amirite?

Also, why would investigators take the claim that the rest of the journal had no relevance to the case at face value coming from the former leader of a law enforcement agency that has already been caught lying about the way Greene died?

Anyway, here’s what comes next in the legal process as reported by AP:

The resolution to hold Reeves in contempt next moves to another committee where Reeves will be able to mount a defense and then, if affirmed there, to a House vote. It is exceedingly rare for Louisiana lawmakers to issue subpoenas, let alone hold someone in contempt for bucking one, and the timeline for seeking to enforce the one against Reeves was not immediately clear.

What isn’t rare is cops lying to cover themselves and shield themselves from accountability.


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