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Close-up of the Tennessee state flag waving. Red field with a blue circle in the center containing three white stars. US state flag. 3d illustration render. Fluttering fabric

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Is Tennessee the “litmus test” for how the government wants the entirety of America to behave?

That’s the convo circulating today here on The Amanda Seales Show. Here’s what sparked the dialogue in question between Amanda and Supreme:


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Wild, right?! It might sound like a hot take, but their might be some validity to what Amanda is preaching below based on the way policies in Tennessee are currently going. All we ask is that you all pay close attention to what’s going on, and not simply who’s on top at the moment in the 2024 “Hip-Hop Civil War.”

…go, Kendrick!

Watch the full Tennessee talk today on The Amanda Seales Show below:



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