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It has been a whirlwind of a week in the news when it comes to the latest sexual assault allegations against disgraced music mogul Diddy. Somehow, that now involves Meek Mill.

The latest lawsuit, this time coming from a man who produced on Diddy’s latest GRAMMY-nominated LP, The Love Album: Off the Grid, name-drops a head-spinning list of A-list celebrities either directly as accomplices or indirectly with clues that are easier to figure out than a $200 Jeopardy question. One of the latter alludes to Meek Mill with a description that reads “He is a Philadelphia Rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.”

In the suit, Plaintiff Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones alleges that Diddy told him, in an effort to ignite a homosexual relationship, that he’d already had sexual relations with the aforementioned description, another that “performed at the Superbowl and had a successful Vegas residency” [sic], who many believe to be a dead giveaway for Usher and Stevie J who is mentioned by name.

Lil Rod even included screengrabs of what he allegedly saw.


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Now here’s where things get tricky. Instead of doing what many in his situation might do, which is either brush it off as mere allegations or address it as one-and-done, the Championships emcee instead chose to go on what seems like a still-endless Twitter (X?) rant that can only be compared to that of his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

Let us explain. First, he started out by using it as a reason to send out jabs towards his arch nemesis Akademiks, who was merely one of countless people reacting to the news when it first broke:



…then he made it seem like a personal attack all because he’s an independent artist:



…even alluded to a competing record label as the one behind the smear campaign:



…brought the smoke back to Akademiks:



Brought Lil Baby into the situation:


…again, back to Ak:


…made it a thing about being from Philly:



Veered into “but my best friend is Black” territory:



Hilariously played dumb:



Found someone worse than him to deflect on:



Mentioned “heathens” a lot (which will make sense later):



Someone found a way to promote new music in the process:



Still pretended like the lawsuit wasn’t a quick Google search away:



Blamed A.I. (of course):



Made it an attack on the hip-hop community:



…then jumped back into album promo mode, which is now revealed to be an actual project called Heathanism dropping tonight at midnight:



Found someone to indirectly co-sign him:



…then (finally!) found the lawsuit, yet still acted confused:



Brought Philly into it again:



…cried indie. For a third time:



…claimed to have the answers:



Then came for the Black blogs. We might’ve even caught one with this stray:



Displayed the most pathetic example of toxic masculinity:



…just before sealing the deal with a dash of homophobia:



…all before revealing its all for the theatrics of his midnight album drop:



…but not before playing the indie card one last time:




We wish all the best to Meek Mill when it comes to clearing his name, but for now we just suggest the flailing emcee take a nap and reconvene in the morning. See what others are saying from the sidelines on social media below:


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1. meek mill was in nicki’s closet like this when she left the house

via @ihyomeo

2. Meek Mill soon as he get DJ Akademiks location

via @AntiGroovy

3. Meek Mill right now on X trying to prove that he straight

via @Mydolo_lonely

4. Meek Mill is literally living out this scene from Tropic Thunder

via @TheMMQBL

5. Meek Mill looking at his Twitter app like

via @thatfooroger_

6. Even if Meek Mill is gay, all the comments, jokes, bullying, rhetoric etc. show that most Black people regardless of gender, are in fact homophobic. You nxggas hate gays and all of their attributes lol and will weaponize it at your convenience. It’s funny cuz a lot of y’all also act pro LGBTQIA. Such a confused and insufferable group of people. Pick a side and stand there.

via @ByLazaruss

7. This been Meek Mill on Twitter all day

via @ayroned

8. so now we know why they were staring at meek mill like this 😭

via @ayeejuju

9. meek mill to all his fans asking him about the diddy allegations

via @hoesluv_ocin

10. Bruh! You have the right to remain silent. 😭

via @Duke_Lucas_