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Tommy and Diamond expand their business to prisons, the Feds put together a task force to take down CBI, and Jenard struggles to maintain control. Tommy faces off with Walter and gets closer to avenging Liliana’s death.


The episode begins with an irate Tommy explaining to Diamond how his car was just sprayed with bullets by someone in Treason. He also breaks the news that a little girl was shot and killed in the crossfire. Diamond tells Tommy to let him go talk to Jenard. Instead, Tommy decides that he will. When Tommy and Jenard end up coming face to face, Tommy realizes that Jenard doesn’t have control over his crew. He gives him an ultimatum. Tommy tells Jenard that if he doesn’t find the person who killed the little girl, he would come after him. Elsewhere, Diamond poses the idea of moving drugs in the Southville prison to Kendra. Ironically enough, she was with it without much convincing. There was a rally for the little girl who was killed where a few things happened. One, a young kid named Leon gave a touching speech about them needing to stop gun violence in the city. Two, the CPD-DEA-FBI task force was announced. Three, Jenard ordered his men to let him know exactly when they heard from or seen Lil K. Tommy tells Big Smurf to find Jenard and keep an eye out for Jenard since he’s supposed to be taking out someone in his crew. While at the shop, Diamond’s parole officer Reeves is once again present. This time, things were very interesting. Big Smurf comes from the basement with a suspicious bag (that could have contained drugs, guns, money or a combination of any of the three). One of the OGs who works at the shop notices Reeves peeping Smurf so he begins to act as if Smurf is a younger family member of his and he works at the shop. The trick worked because Reeves let it go. He encouraged Diamond to give back to his community more. Jenard visits Shanti at her gym and tells her what Lil K did. She warns him that he can’t kill him because it’ll cause a rift amongst his soldiers. Jenard hears her but still asks her where Lil K is and she tells him that he’s probably at his grandmother’s house. At Southville, a visitor smuggles drugs in to an inmate while Kendra watches. Rojas notices that CBI has moved in and that they can’t get their product in anymore and orders one of his men to handle it. Jenard gets the drop on Lil K when he comes to take out the trash at his grandmother’s house and holds a gun to his head. Before he can take him out, Lil K’s grandma comes outside. She tells Jenard that if he kills Lil K, he better be ready to kill her too because with his cauliflower ear he won’t be hard to spot in a lineup. Big Smurf watched the whole situation play out. Rojas gets the CBI operation shut down. Diamond arranges for him to have a new lawyer. She offers Rojas the option to work with CBI for lower prices than he’s paying the Serbs but he declines. He specifically says he’ll never work with them. Back at the shop, Diamond stops some local kids from roughing up Leon. He offers to teach him how to protect himself. Back at Southville, Kendra takes Rojas to the showers and finds drugs on him. She threatens him with a longer sentence unless he decides to work with CBI. Rojas reluctantly agrees. That was good news for one of the Sampson brothers. For the other one, things just kept getting worse. While driving, Jenard is surrounded by the Serbs. They tell Jenard that Mirkovic wants his money. Since Jenard didn’t have it, they took his car, leaving him stranded. Big Smurf is still following Jenard so he sees the whole interaction and hips Tommy. Out of all people, Lil K ends up coming to pick up Jenard. When Lil K sees Jenard getting high on his own supply, he speaks on it. Jenard makes him pull over. When the car stops, Jenard asks Lil K why he didn’t tell him he was questioned by a cop. The conversation quickly escalates and the two begin to tussle in the front seat. The end result was Jenard choking Lil K to death. He then dumps Lil K’s body and fleas the scene, unaware that Tommy is watching the whole thing. Completely down on his luck, Jenard ends up copping some heroin and getting high in his car. Is this the beginning of a very bad downward spiral for Jenard? Or did he just need to get his mind right? How will Treason react to the death of Lil K? How will things play out for CBI in Southville? Will Mr. Reeves continue to be a thorn in the side?


We find out that Claudia has changed the passwords to the dialysis accounts, tying up Walter’s money. This was a problem because Walter needed the funds to make the deal with Michael for the pills. Vic explains that Claudia had all of her money in Dahlia and Tommy leaking it lost her tons. Walter asks Vic if he thinks that Tommy knows that Claudia killed Liliana. When Vic responds that he thinks Tommy suspects it, Walter tells his son that that’s probably the reason Tommy wants to meet with him. Walter tells Vic that he’ll handle Tommy but he needs his head on straight for their meeting with Michael. Walter explains how the deal with Michael will help them get Dublin off of their back. At the meeting, after they pay Michael and confirm that the drop will be made on the south side, things almost get very heated when Michael makes a racist comment that Vic doesn’t appreciate. When Tommy finally meets up with Walter, he asks him who killed Liliana. Walter refuses to tell him. In the midst of their conversation, he says that’s not how he deals with his own which seems to be the answer Tommy was looking for. When Claudia arrives at her crib, she discovers that her whole safe has been emptied out. Claudia approaches her father and Paulie about it. Walter admits that it was him and warns his daughter to not try him anymore. He tells her that Tommy is super close to finding out it was her that killed Liliana and if she plays games with him again, he’ll lift her security. Vic’s plan to destroy his father (and his business) got in motion. He called the cops on Michael’s courier and reported a drug deal causing the drop not to be made. While Vic was plotting, Claudia was meeting with Tommy. When Tommy asked her the million dollar question, she denies that it was her. Tommy doesn’t believe her for one second and ends up pulling out his gun on her. Luckily for Claudia, she had two security guards present too. Tommy promised Claudia that as soon as he can confirm that it was her, he’s going to kill her and she’ll never see it coming. Tommy catches one of the security guards from the meeting with Claudia lacking. He asks him if it was Claudia who killed Liliana. When he refuses to answer, Tommy kills him. Seeing as how the drop was never made and they had already paid, Walter is pissed at Michael and demands their money back. Michael tries to say that he will give them back half of their money. The conversation is cut short when Vic shoots and kills Michael. This really pisses off Walter. How will Walter stay afloat and keep Dublin off their back? What’s Vic’s next ploy? Will Claudia be able to keep herself out of harms way?


JP and D-Mac discuss why JP wasn’t around during D-Mac’s childhood. JP says he tried hard to find him but D-Mac doesn’t want to hear it. Before the conversation can get any further, Tommy barges in and hips JP to what happened to him the previous night. Tommy gives his brother a gun for their safety. D-Mac asks Tommy and JP if he could get his guns back to which they both reply no. Tommy ends up getting an unexpected visit from Kate at his spot. Surprisingly, she was there to make amends with her son. She apologizes for not being a good mother. Tommy blows up at her for the short length of her apology and begins to list all the things she did when he was a kid that he wasn’t fond of. Before the conversation can continue, Tommy receives a text from Miguel telling him to come meet. Next on Kate’s list of people she wanted to make things right with…her other son JP. After she apologizes, JP asks her why she left him. She tries to use the fact that she was only 14 when she had him. JP questions if it was because he was Black to which she emphatically says no. Realizing how similar him and Kate’s situation is to him and D-Mac’s, JP tells her to forget it. Kate goes to an AA meeting where she opens up about her failures as a mother and how difficult it is for her to deal with her feelings since she usually copes by drinking. Tommy pulls up to where Kate is staying and is utterly surprised. Earlier in the episode, he mentioned how Kate never took him to get the ice cream he loved because she always spent the money on drugs. When he walked in the house and opened the freezer, the ice cream was there. It was a great moment to show that Kate was actually trying to change and right her wrongs for the past. Her son JP also showed that he wanted to do the same thing with his son. JP apologizes to D-Mac and explains what caused him to stay away from him for so long. The two agree to start their relationship over. When the conversation ends, JP goes upstairs and D-Mac grabs the gun that Tommy gave JP earlier in the episode. How long will it take D-Mac to get back in the streets? How will Tommy and JP react when he finally does? Will Kate continue to travel down the path to getting her life together or will she go back to who we’ve known her to be through out the series?


Miguel has Tommy and Diamond pull up to his compound. Tommy suspects that Miguel wants them to help him find out who hit his truck. They’re surprised when Miguel responds that he already found them. Miguel brings in two of his soldiers and begins to torture them. He makes Tommy and Diamond help. At the end of it, he explains that he did it to show them what happens to anyone who betrays him. When they leave, Diamond lets Tommy know that he think Miguel knows it was them and they should slow their roll. Tommy feels the opposite way. He believes they should pick up the pace and start moving their product in Southville. Tommy and Diamond meet with Miguel again at the end of the episode. Before Miguel shows, Diamond gets a text from an unknown number. The person tells him that he needs to stop avoiding them and they need to meet. Tommy and Diamond tell Miguel that they’re ready for another reup. Miguel is confused on how they’re moving so much work so fast. They tell him about their new venture in Southville prison. Miguel mentioned how the Serbs ran that place. Diamond tells him that Southville is the one place he knows better than anywhere. Miguel declines to give them the work (they asked for double) that they requested but tells them he’ll think about it. Although one Garcia wasn’t messing with Tommy, another came around. Mireya finally texted Tommy back and agrees to meet with him. How soon can we expect Tommy and Mireya to get closer? Is Miguel playing mind games with Tommy and Diamond? What will the Serbs do when they find out that they don’t have control of Southville anymore?


The newly formed task force starts to put together pieces about the shooting of the little girl. They’re pretty sure that it had something to do with Tommy killing Chewy and Treason wanting payback. Detective Bobby DiFranco was not happy to be included in the task force and wastes no time telling his wife that. She explains that he is the only one she can trust. He replies that she is prioritizing the case over his job and their marriage because she has her eyes on being married. Bobby ends up going to Lil K’s grandmothers house and offers to help him. Although he’s inside the house, she claims to not know where he is. Bobby ends up finding Lil K. When he does, he tells him that they have two witnesses and fingerprints to prove that he shot the little girl. After Lil K calls BS, Detective DiFranco tells him that if he doesn’t help the police, he’ll be dead by the next day. Unsurprisingly, Lil K declines. Ironically enough, Detective DiFranco ends up on the scene of the crime where his body was found. Will Tommy be the main person of interest in Lil K’s death? How will Stacy Marks and Bobby DiFranco’s marriage hold up in the midst of them working the task force together? Let us know what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen on the next one in the comments!


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