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Fade In The Water meme

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If anyone thought social media was ready to move on beyond the Montgomery Riverfront brawl, think again. On X, TikTok, and Instagram, folks are going deep into their creativity bag and adding to one of the most hilarious trends we’ve seen in recent times.

As we shared on Monday (August 7), the Montgomery Riverfront brawl has ensnared social media in its grasp, and the jokes and memes have been relentless. As reported, the fight broke out after a Black dock worker removed the rope from a pontoon boat that was illegally trying to park in a spot reserved for a double-decker riverboat named the Harriott II.

An angry mob of white boaters approached the dock worker, and they then began to beat the man but he was swiftly assisted by others in the area, including a Black teen named Aaren who swam from the riverboat to assist in the brawl in epic fashion. So far, four active arrest warrants have been issued with promises more will come.

As some on social media noted, when police arrived on the scene, they seemingly turned their immediate focus onto the Black individuals. Although they weren’t the group to start the brawl, they certainly did end it.

Montgomery police are slated to host a news conference today (August 8). Mayor Steven Reed, the city’s first Black mayor, spoke about the incident on Monday (click here) and vowed to share more details as they come.

For now, we’ll share some of the newer memes, X posts, and TikTok videos regarding the Montgomery Riverfront fight below.

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