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Even six years after his tenure ended, Barack Obama still holds a place in the hearts and minds of many citizens who consider him their “forever President.” Aside from breaking the obvious barrier of becoming the first black President the United States has ever seen, Obama is arguably the most fly and funny one as well!

“His presidency symbolized the last feeling of true hope for systemic change, but it wasn’t just his policies that were important but his personality too,” as stated by Grazia.

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From signing legislation one moment to busting a move the next, he showed America that duality is possible! Obama’s time in office is surely one to remember.

Check out 10 memorable moments that prove Barack Obama to be the flyest and funniest man to occupy the White House!



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The Flyest and Funniest President: 10 Memorable Barack Obama Moments  was originally published on

1. Obama Serenades the Crowd with an Al Green Classic

2. Shooting in the Gym

3. The Homeboy Handshake

4. Obama Responds to Supporter Calling Him Fine

5. Breaking it Down with Ellen

6. Obama (Kind of) Approves Drake for his Biopic

7. Barack the Baby Whisperer

8. “Where’s Biggie and Tupac?”

9. Dad Jokes for the Win

10. Obama Wasn’t Playing with That Fly