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Welp, it looks like Erica Mena is a trending topic for all the wrong reasons… again.

This time around, the reality star is under fire for using an anti-Black slur during a heated confrontation with Dancehall artist Spice on a recent episode of MTV’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

For those who haven’t watched the latest season, Erica has been dealing with the aftermath of her divorce from fellow castmate Safaree Samuels. Apparently, Erica’s desire to portray herself as a “victim” has rubbed many of her castmates the wrong way, including Spice.

That led to this very heated lunch, when Spice decides to call Erica out on her “damsel in distress” ways. And things got real ugly, real quick.

Spice tells Erica that she’s not the only woman to ever get divorced and raise two kids on her own. When Erica reminds Spice that she is a single mom of three (her two kids with Safaree and an older son from a previous relationship), Spice snaps back by saying “Your [oldest] son doesn’t like you.”

Granted, Erica did try to calmly tell Spice not to speak on her kids. Spice did not let up, and then all hell broke loose.

In the heat of the argument, Erica struck a low blow, saying that Spice should’ve died after her septic episode last year. Furthermore, she called Spice a “blue monkey” and hurled monkey noises at her.

And here comes the backlash

While we are definitely not here for Spice speaking on anybody’s kids (seriously, don’t do that folks), it is Erica who is rightfully getting the bulk of the backlash on social media. As a non-Black woman who heavily benefits from Black culture, and as a mother of Black kids, many say that Erica was flat-out wrong for dehumanizing a Black woman in that manner.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time: Back in 2015, she allegedly called Black promoters in Cleveland “Black monkeys” after she failed to show up for a club appearance.

Because of this incident, fans are now calling for Erica to be fired from the show. So far, no comment from MTV or the show’s producers.

Check out some of the reactions below!


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