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Ebro Darden is one of the leading figures in music entertainment and much of that gives him a particular perch in which to share his wider thoughts and critiques of the culture. Ebro Darden took aim at Drake, stating that the Canadian superstar does not use his lofty position to speak on issues relevant to the Black community.

Ebro Darden made the statement against Drake during an episode of Apple Music’s Rap Life Review with co-hosts Nadeska Lewis and Lowkey. The subject at hand was Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” track, which the artist born Donald Glover admitted was slated originally to be a diss track against Drake.

During a recent stop on Drake’s “It’s All A Blur tour, the OVO Sound honcho took a shot at Glover’s track with a news ticker display onstage reading, “The Overrated And Over Awarded Hit Song ‘This Is America’ Was Originally A Drake Diss Record.”

Ebro believes that Drake went overboard by taking a slight dig at Glover and wondered aloud where is Drizzy’s devotion to Black causes.

“Drake, who has never shown up, and y’all know I’m the biggest Drake fan on this show,” Ebro said. “Drake has never shown up to have anything to say about anything going on in society with Black folks or anything other than himself.”

The clip has since gone viral and sparked some decent discussion among fans on Twitter, some of whom shared a countering thought of how unnecessary it would be for Drake to become that sort of figurehead for the Black community considering that, at the end of the day, he’s simply a music entertainer.

We’ve got some of the best reactions to the current Ebro Darden and Drake debate below. Hop to the 16:00-minute mark to see the discussion at hand.

Photo: Eugene Gologursky / Getty

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