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After being forced to listen to his father be murdered, we had to know that Teddy (Carter Hudson) would be plotting his revenge and gearing up for an all out war against Franklin (Damson Idris). In this episode entitled ‘Concrete Jungle,’ that’s exactly what happened along with so much more. The episode began with Teddy trying to get some of his ducks in a row. He first called Julia (Peta Sergeant) to inform her that there was a threat on her and Paul’s lives and they needed to relocate. Afterwards, Teddy tells Stephen (Matthew Alan) that he wants eyes on Franklin’s penthouse, his office and his mother’s house and he doesn’t want any other law enforcement agencies involved. We’re reminded cereal Teddy can be when he shows out at the home of the KGB agent out to destroy him. He urges Ruben (Alejandro Edda) to walk away. He warns him that if he doesn’t let the situation go, the next he sees him he will kill him. After seemingly handling that, Teddy had to discuss his future with Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale). He all but confesses his love for her and they basically agree to be in it together from here on out. Now that everyone he cares about is safe, how will Teddy look to go at Franklin? Have we seen the last of Ruben? Will Gustavo be the eventual downfall of Teddy?

Similarly to how Teddy felt a war was ensuing, Franklin did too. He wasn’t the only one though. After witnessing Franklin murder Teddy’s father, Cassandra (Tamara Taylor) felt like it was just a matter of time before things got out of hand. She expressed this to Veronique (Devyn A. Tyler). Cassandra proposed a plan where she and Veronique run away from Franklin and raise the baby elsewhere. She felt like it would be the only way her daughter would be able to stay alive or out of jail. Unfortunately for her, Veronique decided to stick with Franklin. The two then headed over to the projects where Franklin addressed Cissy (Michael Hyatt), Leon (Isaiah John) and Wanda (Gail Bean). He updated them on everything that was going on in regards to him and Teddy. Franklin suggests that Cissy come back to the stash house and stay the night with them but she declines. Instead, she opts to stay with Leon ad Wanda in the projects since they figured Teddy wouldn’t be crazy enough to come there. Hopefully for his sake, Franklin got a little closer to finding Teddy. He struck a deal with Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) that could change his fortunes. Franklin agreed to give him one million dollars and passports for Teddy’s whereabouts. Also, Franklin promised Gustavo that he would kill Teddy one he found him. Gustavo is under more pressure than ever considering that Tony (Scott Subiono) is threatening to shut the whole operation down and send him to prison. There’s a lot riding on this deal to work on both sides. Will Cassandra’s words come back to haunt Veronique and dare we say…Franklin? Can Franklin and Gustavo trust each other enough for their plan to work? How will Cissy and Leon’s involvement with Franklin impact their well beings in the end?

When we last saw Jerome (Joseph Amin), he looked to be sick and tired of the life he was living. He verbally expressed that in this episode. After returning back home to Louie (Angela Lewis) drunk, Jerome shares with Louie that he’s going to Jamaica. He proclaims that he’s done getting shot at, trying to kill his family and selling crack. As he continues to try and rationalize with Louie, Jerome acknowledges that he only stayed in the game as long as he has because he wanted to make her happy and if he didn’t, she would be dead. After Jerome sobered up the next day, the two attempted to have the conversation again. This time around Louie apologizes for what their lives have become. Although she takes accountability for the problems she’s caused, Louie doesn’t hesitate to mention how not getting the respect she thinks she deserves plays a huge part in her actions. She goes on to tell Jerome that she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do and needs time to figure things out. Before the conversation can come to a close, Louie gets a page from Skully (De’Aundre Bonds), who she’s supposed to be making a drop to. Jerome tells Louie that he’ll do the drop and she should go and get her mind right.

Louie’s place of peace just happened to be at the stables, where Kane’s men were still staking out waiting for her to show up. When she did, they killed her bodyguards and held her at gunpoint. Kane (Devaughn Nixon) called Franklin to let him know that he “caught a big fish” and he should come see. Once Franklin arrives, he watches as Kane brands Louie in hopes that she will tell him where Detective Buckley (Brandon Jay McLaren). Louie remains silent despite being burned numerous times. Seeing that she is unmoved, Kane comes up with the idea to have some of his homeboys fresh out of jail to come “break her down.” Before he leaves, Franklin advises Louie to tell Kane where Buckley is and pray for a quick death. In a last effort to secure her freedom, Louie offers to give up Teddy’s location to Franklin but he declines and informs her that he already has an in (Gustavo). Knowing the fate that his Aunt was probably facing, Franklin decides to intervene. He pages Jerome first but doesn’t get a call back. This prompts him to page Leon (who is currently setting up a project council). After getting Franklin’s message from Leon, Jerome calls Buckley for backup. Unfortunately for him, Buckley is busy smoking his life away (Jerome literally warned him not to be using anymore). Skully decides to ride with Jerome. Leon also pulls up with Franklin to aid the cause. Jerome pulls a gun out on his nephew but Franklin explains that if they don’t work together, there’s no hope for Louie. Franklin pulls back up to Kane’s warehouse shortly after. Kane’s people aren’t suspecting anything of him so they don’t check his trunk, where Jerome is hiding. As Franklin goes inside and scopes the scene, Jerome takes out one of Kane’s men who’s working the door and lets in Leon, Skully and the others. Nearly seconds before Louie almost gets raped, Franklin, Jerome and their crews open fire and take out most of Kane’s men. Franklin goes outside to let Leon inside the warehouse, leaving Jerome alone inside. Jerome bursts into the room that Kane’s holding Louie in by shooting it (and a hole through Kane’s man). Once inside, Kane tries to level with Jerome. He tells him that if he puts his gun down and lets him leave, he’ll get Louie back. His counteroffer is that they can shoot it out and Louie will get the first bullet. Kane attempts to call it even one more time and Jerome pridefully declines. After Kane pushes Louie out of the way, he and Jerome shoot each other multiple times…causing both of their deaths. The episode ended with Louie crying hysterically over Jerome’s deceased body and Skully, Leon and Franklin all visibly distraught by what they just witnessed. Now that Jerome is dead, will Franklin see that the end could be near for everyone around him? Will Louie continue to blame Franklin for everything that’s happening? How will Cissy react to the death of her brother? Only four episodes left in the series! Drop your thoughts on the sixth episode of Season 6 in the comments and share your predictions for next week’s episode!

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