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Alcoholic Old Fashioned Cocktail classic Bourbon Whiskey, sugar cube and aromatic bitters garnish with orange peel and a cherry

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August 16th is recognized as National Rum Day, and it is definitely time to celebrate a liquor that doesn’t really get much love.

For the most part, we hear a lot about tequila, cognac, and White Claw a lot. However, a Rum & Coke will always be a classic to us. And while Bacardi will always be on standby, we wondered if there were any other selections out there to try.

Look no further!

We have gathered 8 brands that may be worth the tasting, and they’re all Black-owned! Check them out below!

Celebrate National Rum Day With These Black-Owned Libations  was originally published on

1. Kingfish Rum

Creators: New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery, a Black family business in New Hampshire

2. Equiano Rum

Founder: Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador

3. Legendaire Peach Tea Rum

Owner: Broderick Robinson

4. Devil’s Reef Cinnamon Spiced Rum

Co-Founders: Troy and Kieron Bigby

5. Ten To One Rum

Co-Founders: Ciara & Marc Farrell

6. Cabby’s Rum

Founder: Moses Odong

7. Halo 7 Rum

Co-Founders: Ashley Jackson & JeNai Stanley

8. Kingston Bay Rum

Co-Founders: Donnica Martin and T’ka Martin-Hines