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11 Black-Owned Businesses To Support For Black Business Month

Source: Courtesy of Be Rooted / Courtesy of Be Rooted

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the rich history and culture of Black folks. It’s also a time to reflect on the struggles that Black people have faced and to recommit ourselves to fighting for racial justice. While our ancestors did most of the legwork, we continue to carry the torch by advocating for our community, shining brightly on our talents, and starting businesses that help move the culture ahead.

One thing about Black folks is we take our 29-day (usually 28 days but this year is a leap year) celebration seriously. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — I’m Black EVERY month, but I’m Blackity-Black-Black-BLACK during February.

One way to support the culture during Black History Month is to shop at Black-owned businesses. By doing so, you can help to create economic opportunities for Black people and support their entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s also a chance to experience the creative minds of today’s business owners. As a community, we start trends and produce innovative ideas that continue to propel us to her heights. In some ways, it is a privilege to support and invest in products created by our peers and watch them continue to grow.

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If you’re interested in adding a few new Black-owned businesses to your rolodex, then this post is for you. We’ve complied a list of our favorite brands, from products and services to plant-based beauty products and accessories, that you should shop this month and beyond. Grab your credit cards and get ready to add to cart!

Happy Shopping!

Our editors have independently selected all products. Please note: we may receive an affiliate commission for products and services purchased through our website.

Black Owned Businesses To Support this Black History Month & Always

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1. Be Rooted

Be Rooted is the brand for all your stationary needs. The brand launched a collection for Black History Month, and it is both motivational and BLACKITY Black. Stock up on planners, pens, and notebooks with images that reflect you.



Founded by creative director Hayet Rida, KHOI is a brand specializing in sculptural accessories. She expresses her passion for sculpture and design through unique collections, resulting in wearable art that transcends mere style and makes a bold statement.

3. Brown Girl Jane

Established by Malaika Jones, Brown Girl Jane is a unique wellness and beauty brand specializing in plant-based products. Their comprehensive collection encompasses skincare essentials, aromatic candles, captivating fragrances, and more. Each product from Brown Girl Jane is ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and vegan, ensuring a conscious and compassionate approach to beauty and wellness.

4. Don’t Sleep Interiors

Consider adding a pillow from the woman-owned Etsy shop Don’t Sleep Interiors to make a bold statement and spark engaging discussions. This brand specializes in creating distinctive decorative pillows, mugs, and artwork that tribute influential historical Black American figures from various fields such as literature, politics, and activism.

5. Nude Barre

According to the brand, Nude Barre is an essential created to embrace all walks of life any day, anytime. Erin Carpenter, a former dancer, was continually disappointed by the lack of hosiery that complemented her skin tone. This frustration catalyzed her creation of Nude Barre, a line encompassing tights, bralettes, and underwear. With an impressive range of 13 shades to choose from, customers are ensured to find a perfect match.


6. Ten to One

Ten To One is a cutting-edge, sophisticated spirit meticulously crafted to defy norms and transform how individuals perceive, savor, and discuss rum. In 2021, R&B superstar Ciara took notice of the company’s early achievements and came on board as an investor, co-owner, and director, further solidifying the brand’s growing reputation and success.

7. Kendall Miles

Ready to step into luxury? At Kendall Miles, they believe that luxury footwear should embody durability, adaptability, functionality, and inclusivity. Their meticulously crafted and continuously evolving footwear collection is thoughtfully designed to cater to your needs. Each collection features timeless, versatile wardrobe essentials that empower our clients to embrace their boldness while stepping into unparalleled quality.



CISE, a Black-owned Los Angeles-based fashion house, operates with a straightforward concept: Stronger Threads For A Stronger Community. Creator Blake Van Putten’s journey began with the aim of designing apparel that empowers marginalized voices in society. The Protect Black People line marked their inaugural initiative. Through this campaign, they introduced a range of garments featuring the powerful message, “PROTECT US!” They have sold thousands of pieces that convey subtle yet impactful messages. CISE remains dedicated to creating positive change, one purchase at a time.

9. Flyest Tea

Tea time has a whole new meaning with this hip-hop-inspired company, Flyest Tea. Drawing inspiration from African holistic healing practices, this delightful establishment offers a diverse and enticing selection of meticulously crafted tea blends. These remarkable mixtures boast a cornucopia of carefully chosen ingredients, including the vibrant and antioxidant-rich butterfly-pea flowers, as well as the soothing properties of refreshing peppermint, ensuring a harmonious balance for both taste and well-being.