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Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

On this week’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Krystal makes a solid pitch to Rok, and it looks like we got a new Spyder in one of the newbies.

Rok Says Yes, His Momma Isn’t So Sure He Should Jump The Broom

After realizing she doesn’t want to be single, Krystal makes another attempt at winning back Rok after kicking him to the curb. Rok is surprised when he walks into the shop and is greeted by candles and photos of himself and Krystal.

Krystal apologizes again to Rok for giving him mixed signals and makes her pitch to give their relationship another chance. She even proposes, and Rok is blown away and says yes.

Excited to be a fiancé again, Rok speaks to his mom about the new developments with him and Krstal, and it turns out she is not as enthusiastic as he is about him marrying Krystal.

Rok’s mom thinks her son is rushing into things and accurately points to Krystal always leaving her son on a dime the minute something goes wrong. She also calls Rok’s relationship with Krystal toxic. Rok’s momma told no lies, but Rok disagrees and leaves the conversation disappointed his mother feels that way.

The Rookies Pack Their Bags To Head To Atlanta For Another Black Ink Crew Challenge

Puma and Teddy stop by a much calmer mansion after giving Trilla and Ink Drippin the boot. Jahnova is still sad they sent her boyfriend home, but she knows she has to move on to fulfill her dreams of becoming a member of the Black Ink Crew.

They round up the rookies to tell them to pack their bags because they are heading to Atlanta to do a pop-up event at Miya Bailey’s shop.

The rookies are excited, but the mood quickly shifts when Puma and Teddy tell them someone will be sent home following this next challenge.

Once they get there, things get a bit spicy when it’s time to pick out their rooms where they are staying. Santana and Miracle start beefing when they end up in the same room together, but for the sake of equanimity, Alex gives his room to Santana, shocking everyone.

Speaking of Miracle, she decides it’s time to show Puma, Teddy, and the rest of the rookies what her piercing skills look like, so while the rest of them go hang out, she finds a client to do some work on.

AMH Turns Into Spyder

Spyder’s Ceaser-loving self is not a part of what Teddy and Puma are currently cooking, but his spirit lives on through AMH. While they are hanging out at the bar, AMH calls out Liz, who she feels isn’t showing she belongs. Jahnova decides to get in on the action and trash Liz after she reveals she’s been using Bumble BFF to network and find potential clients.

AMH and Jahnova believe Liz is using a dating site to get her name out, but they sound like haters because Bumble BFF is not a dating app.

Liz leaves the bar crying.

AMH then set her sights on Miracle. Back at the mansion, Miracle brings out the person she did the piercing work on to show Puma and Teddy. The work takes everyone aback, but Puma and Teddy appreciate Miracle’s initiative to show her worth to the team, not fully understanding the piercing she did.

The rookies, mainly Jahnova and AMH, are once again hating. AMH reveals she was also a pierce and critiques Miracle’s work in front of the client. Jahnova is too busy laughing, and Miracle notices.

When the client returns to the room, Puma scolds AMH for overstepping, doing too damn much, and dissing Miracle’s work even though the client loved it.

We couldn’t agree with Puma more.

You can see more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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