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Black Ink Crew NY Season 10

Source: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew / Puma

Last week on Black Ink Crew, Puma, and Teddy narrowed their search for new tattoo artists to eight. This week the new bosses of the Black Ink brand moved their recruits into a big a** mansion, and one of the OGs is still big mad.

Black Ink Crew, Meets The Real World & Big Brother

To find new artists to help usher in the new era of Black Ink, Puma, and Teddy decide to take some cues from the Real World and Big Brother and move the seven lucky tattoo artists plus one piercer into a mansion that Puma’s friend, Daymond John helped him secure.

Puma and Teddy make it abundantly clear that not all of them will make it to the new shop.

This is a different way than they are used to when selecting artists, but Puma and Teddy feel it was the right decision. Puma has an event lined up for the recruits at Cookies in New York City. Unfortunately, not all of the artists will be selected to participate. One of them, Made Rich, is BIG MAD that he was not chosen but eventually comes to grips that he will not be participating in the first event.

Meanwhile, Teddy links up with Alex and Spyda because he feels it would be an excellent idea for the original Black Ink artists to be in the building to help out, but he has no idea that his plan will backfire epically.

Spyda & Puma Clash

The event goes well, with the recruits making a great impression on their potential bosses, but the positive vibes quickly disappear when Sypder and Alex show up.

Puma feels Spyder’s chance to be a part of the new Black Ink is gone after he initially said no to the idea of Black Ink moving out of the hood and proudly showed his allegiance to Ceaser.

Spyda loses his cool when he senses that Puma doesn’t want him to be at the event, and Puma asks Teddy why Spyder is at the event if they don’t need his help.

The loud tattoo artist engages in a one-sided shouting match with Puma before Teddy tells him to follow him outside before things get physical.

As he leaves, he can hear Puma saying the new artists at the event tattoo better than him, and Spyder loses it, calling him a fake boss and telling him to suck his, you know what.

Viewers had plenty of thoughts about the episode. You can see the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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