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If you were one of the lucky ones who got the opportunity to see Beyoncé live this summer during her epic RENAISSANCE World Tour, you might’ve spotted Laurent Bourgeois and his twin brother Larry as the main dancers featured outside of Blue Ivy herself. Together making the pro dancing duo Les Twins, both have been Bey’s literal left and right-hand men when it comes to entertaining her millions of fans worldwide on the big stage for many years now.

However, Laurent is in the headlines this week for an allegation that’s almost too outlandish to believe. At the age of 34 years old, the inaugural World of Dance winner is accused of fathering, and also abandoning, a whopping 37 children.


Shortly after the allegation made it’s way to social media, Laurent hopped on his own social platform to dispel the rumors with a bit of comedic nature thrown in to lighten up the mood:



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According to various sources either speaking on behalf of alleged baby mommas or just good on their feet when it comes to embellishing, Laurent is on a mission to father a set of twin girls. The story goes that, once he realizes the woman who he’s impregnated isn’t carrying twins, they’re fraternal or expected to be all boys, he’ll allegedly move on to the next swifter than he glides across the stage.

Laurent on the other hand is asking for any kind of proof that even a third of them exist, saying that 10 babies on its own is, in his words, “a lot!” While he didn’t address the other allegation that claims the obsession stems from an unhealthy competition with his own brother Larry on who can father twin girls first, even pulling a “switcheroo” on some women, Laurent focused more on debunking the entire rumor itself by stating that his “image is too clean” to become a target for internet chatter.

…still, many had a field day with the idea that he could very well be impregnating a different woman on each stop of the RENAISSANCE World Tour. For the sake of child support, let’s just hope that’s not the case in the least bit.

Keep scrolling for some of the many reactions to Les Twins dancer Laurent Bourgeois and his alleged 37 kids spread out across the world. We’ll do our best to keep it respectful:

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1. nobody: les twins allegedly:

via @eucalyptuswhore

2. just went down the les twins rabbit hole & WOAH…that shit is fucked. straight out of a psychological drama film😟

via @i30clip

3. No I’m acc screaming because there’s no way one of the Les Twins is walking around with 37 whole kids? That’s another level of greed idek what to call it mpo😭

via @TraceyWithhAnE

4. les twins being… any of alleged things we’re hearing about was not on my goddamn bingo card

via @simonefiii

5. Until 37 baby mamas come forward, I’m not just going to believe that shit about Les Twins. For all we know this could be a bitter ex trying to ruin Laurent’s reputation. If it’s true, karma will get him. If it’s not true I would sue the fuck out of her.

via @winksnsprinkles

6. I could have gone my entire life not knowing anything about Les Twins other than dance. But social media. 🙄

via @Starr_Rocque

7. I got tired of not being able to tell les twins apart during the tour & found out they both have sleeves on the opposite arm that look completely different & a dedication tattoo of the others face on their hand. That took me a few days, how are yall dating & u still can’t?

via @musiclover1909

8. My question is how did les twins managed to hide 37 kids, how do they keep the women quiet? Is beyonce aware that she works with deadbeat fathers


9. Suddenly everyone knows les twins personally 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

via @lemonwmelon2

10. I hope Les Twins know that I’m a subject matter expert on twins…

via @JackeeHarry