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Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards

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It is without question that ‘The Answer’, Allen Iverson, spearheaded a new era of basketball when he entered the NBA. However, it was less about his play, because we already knew he had game, but more about his appearance that had the whole world intrigued with his innovative style. The cornrows, tattoos, throwback jerseys and baggy clothing, prior to Allen Iverson the league had never seen anyone express themselves in such a way. His style became so iconic, everybody wanted to be Allen Iverson,

Philadelphia 76ers v Washington Wizards

Source: G Fiume / Getty

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Before you know it, players all around the league began to express themselves in a similar manner. Some were bothered by it, like former NBA commissioner David Stern, who eventually enforced a dress code in 2005 to force Iverson into business casual attire. Iverson himself was reluctant the rule initially, expressing that the appearance of a player was not determinant of his character. But all protests were laid to rest when those fines started to accumulate.

Iverson was a true trendsetter and a trailblazer Men’s fashion. ‘Till this day, anywhere you go in the world, you cannot go a whole day with seeing someone in a throwback jersey or rocking the A.I. cornrows, with some baggy jeans.

On the court, Allen Iverson was gifted. Many refer to Iverson as the “Pound-for-Pound Best Player in NBA History”. What Iverson did for his size was unimaginable at the time. Crossing up the Basketball Black Jesus, Michael Jordan, and going to the basket with a fearlessness against guys twice his size, lead him to be not only one of the most feared players to guard, but one of the most respected players in the league, as a rookie!


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From Rookie year to retirement, Allen Iverson was always box office. Iverson was unquestionably one of, if not the most electric, player the NBA has ever seen. Iverson also, has had some of the most iconic moments in NBA history during his career, some not even including a basketball.

In honor of Allen Iverson Birthday, we honor him with his top ten most memorable NBA career moments, on and off the court.

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Check out Allen Iverson’s Top Ten Most Memorable NBA Career Moments Below!


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Allen Iverson’s Top Ten Most Memorable NBA Career Moments  was originally published on

1. The Crossover

The Crossover seen around the world happened March 12th, 1997. A rookie Iverson, Going at the baddest man on the planet, Michael Jordan, crossed him up for the easy two! Setting the tone for Iverson to now become the most feared defensive assignment on the planet!

2. 50 Points against the Cavaliers as a ROOKIE!

Literally one month later, Iverson scored his career high at the time 50 points versus the Cleveland Cavaliers 

3. 2001 NBA All-star Game

Iverson put on a show at the 2001 NBA All-Star game. Scoring 15 of his 25 points in the final nine minutes, Iverson spearheaded an Eastern All-Stars comeback that won him the All-Star MVP trophy.

4. 2001 NBA MVP

Continuing his outstanding play, Iverson went from Rookie of the Year, graduating in 2001, to MVP of the NBA


One of the most famous post game interviews in all of sports, “We talkin ’bout practice” became a world renowned phrase when questioning someone’s ability to do something 

6. A.I.’s Career High

Allen Iverson went OFF against the Orlando Magic for 60 points!

7. 2005 NBA All-Star MVP

A flashy 15 points 10 assists 5 steals propelled the Eastern All-Stars over the West after losing three years in a row, landing Iverson another All-Star MVP.

8. A.I. Cuts the Cornrows

In 2009, Allen Iverson did the unimaginable. He entered the All-Star locker room without one of the most important pieces of his identity… his braids!

9. Jersey Retirement in Philadelphia

It is without question what the Answer has brung to the city of Philly. It is only fitting that no one should be allowed to where the number 3 as a sixer ever again.

10. Allen Iverson… Hall of Famer

Not only was the Answer’s impact felt in Philadelphia, but impacted an entire universe. Iverson was a culture icon. His legacy has lead him down glory road, to be in the NBA Hall of Fame