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Love Is Blind Season 6 Key Art and Portraits

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

The streets have been buzzing since the Valentine’s Day premiere of “Love is Blind” season 6. The chatter alternates between Chelsea inaccurately describing herself as a Megan Fox look-alike and Clay’s flaming hot red flags that have triggered most women across the globe. But somewhere smack dab in the middle is AD, the curvy beauty with the soft voice and ‘I can fix him’ spirit who is taking the internet by storm.

During the premiere episodes of “Love is Blind,” Amber Desiree, better known as AD, built a connection with two men, ultimately choosing Clay, an ego-driven entrepreneur and self-proclaimed work in progress. While in the pods, AD also connected with Matthew, a 37-year-old Senior Financial Advisor and borderline serial killer (you thought it, I wrote it). If we’re being honest, both men weren’t worthy of dating AD, but fast-tracked courting is the winning formula for this show – so here we are. Observing her choose between both men is like watching the world pick the 2024 president. The options are terrible, but somebody’s gotta win.

Love Is Blind, Season 6 asset

Source: Netflix / Netflix

Ultimately, AD chooses between red flags and heads off to the Dominican Republic to get better acquainted with her fiancée. The two seem to have a good connection, but Clay’s shallow mindset – which made a brief appearance in the pods – reemerges when the discussion of gaining weight after pregnancy comes up. Clay has a misogynistic response to weight gain, but that’s not surprising. He starts the conversation by saying he doesn’t work out but ends it by declaring he would blatantly let AD know she needs to hit the gym should she not shed the baby weight.

Love Is Blind, Season 6 asset

Source: Netflix / Netflix

This wouldn’t be the first time AD’s body became the focal point of a conversation. Multiple couples fixated on her curves to the point where her discomfort was visible. If you do a quick assessment on the internet, some people think AD was over-sexualized by her castmates, and I agree. Others feel she was flirty and welcoming of the sexually-charged comments that focused on her body.

I’m surprised to see any kind of negative chatter about AD, but then again, she is a beautiful Black woman with a bubbly personality and a banging body. Her confidence is offensive to people unsure of themselves. Now that you’ve been brought to speed on AD the first six episodes, here are a few lingering details you should know.

5 Things You Should Know About AD From Season 6 Of ‘Love Is Blind’

5 Things You Should Know About AD From Season 6 Of ‘Love Is Blind’  was originally published on

1. AD is a real estate agent

AD is a real estate agent Source:Netflix

AD is a former New England Patriots Cheerleader, but she currently works as a full-time baddie and a real estate agent. 

2. AD is a fitness enthusiast

AD is a fitness enthusiast Source:Netflix

When she’s not selling homes, AD is spending time in the gym, building the body that has the internet talking.

3. AD could be a skincare model.

If you peruse AD’s TikTok account, you’ll see evidence of her flawlessly chocolate skin. On her account, she shares her skincare routine as well as other fun content. 

4. AD is a fashion girlie

The first few episodes gave a glimpse into AD’s personal style, but her Instagram account proves that style is in her blood. Whether she’s in the gym or on a date, she serves the looks on a sterling silver platter.

5. AD sees the red flags, despite what we think.

AD knows that she ignores red flags. She was honest about her habit of trying to fix a man instead of walking away from the blaring hazard signs that cross her path. When Clay foolishly said he wouldn’t propose unless she described herself, she stuck to her guns and ignored his request.