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Jay-Z’s first cannabis line, Monogram, shared its newest campaign “The Good Life.” The brand launched the first installment of a three-part campaign that reimagines the iconic photos of renowned mid-century American photographer Slim Aarons through a contemporary lens. The first-look shot by renowned photographer Hype Williams, who is known for capturing some of the most striking images of modern hip hop and culture, depicts a lifestyle encompassed with cannabis.

Hype Williams shot at the gorgeous Frank Sinatra House in Palm Springs, where he recreated and recast a series of Aarons’ most notable poolside vignettes starring a diverse group of talented artists, culinary experts, activists, designers and models. The Monogram campaign included, Grammy nominee, Chika, New York based trio of culinary experts and activists, Ghetto Gastro, rapper Curren$y, designer and stylist Aleali May and editorial model Slick Woods.

The photos were styled by High Snobiety Fashion Director, Corey T. Stokes, who honored the classic looks immortalized by Aarons’ original work, while effortlessly integrating modern accents and pops of streetwear.

Jay-Z’s latest venture with Monogram marks a new chapter in cannabis, which the company says is “defined by dignity care and consistency,” in an effort to bring consumers the best and “a humble pursuit to discover what the best truly means.”

Ahead of the month’s festivities to celebrate the cannabis industry, the campaign launched just in time. It is already on display by way of billboards and stretched across wall-scapes across major U.S. markets including New York, which recently legalized adult-use cannabis. The world is changing before our eyes, and cannabis is taking its rightful place amongst it.

Aarons’ life’s work, in his own words, was devoted to capturing “attractive people, doing attractive things in attractive places.” Monogram tapped Williams to reimagine many of the quintessential images Aarons spent a great deal of his career creating including, “Keep Your Cool,” “Desert House Party,” “Poolside Glamour,” “Leisure and Fashion” and more with this all star cast of diverse personalities. Williams’ fresh perspective resulted in imagery, which illustrates the dynamic and growing landscape of modern luxury and how it intersects with the next chapter in cannabis culture.

The vibrant Slim Aarons-inspired, Hype Williams images are quite memorable, and the person who effortlessly stands out amongst the rest is fashion and beauty model, Slick Woods. Woods is evidently in her rightful element in these photos, and she led the charge in creating refreshingly iconic photos for other generations to be inspired by.

Take a look at how she graciously slayed Monogram’s campaign.


12 Photos of Slick Woods Slaying Jay-Z’s New Cannabis Line, Monogram’s “The Good Life” Campaign  was originally published on

1. Stand Out Slick

Stand Out Slick Source:Courtesy Monogram

She’s hard to miss in the blonde wig and white flared pants. 

2. Slick Coolin With Cannabis

Slick Coolin With Cannabis Source:Courtesy Monogram

This shot is everything! How can she make chillin by the pool look so good? 

3. Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal Source:Courtesy Monogram

Behind the scenes shot that didn’t make the spread, but it should have. 

4. Just Slick and the Girls

Just Slick and the Girls Source:Courtesy Monogram

Imagine hanging at Frank Sinatra’s former estate with some of entertainment and fashion’s best. Slick Woods doesn’t have to, because this is truly her reality. 

5. Big Chief Energy

Big Chief Energy Source:Courtesy Monogram

Slick taking one to the face. 

6. The Good Life

The Good Life Source:Courtesy Monogram

More behind the scenes as Slick Woods prepares to shoot stunning photos. 

7. Happy and High

Happy and High Source:Courtesy Monogram

It’s pretty hard to be upset when you feel and look this good! 

8. Share A Spark

Share A Spark Source:Courtesy Monogram

Looks like Woods and artist, Chika had a grand time with Monogram. 

9. All Smiles

All Smiles Source:Courtesy Monogram

Woods in her own little world being the cutest cover girl. 

10. Give Us Vintage But Make it 2021

Give Us Vintage But Make it 2021 Source:Courtesy Monogram

This looks like a timeless photo caught in the ’50s. Still timeless, but this behind the scenes photo was captured in the year 2021. 

11. All About Slick

All About Slick Source:Courtesy Monogram

All of the photos from the campaign were gorgeous, but we almost forgot it wasn’t all about Slick Woods. 

12. Captivating

Captivating Source:Courtesy Monogram

It’s like she doesn’t even try, but her eyes captivate you in every striking photo.