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Former President Trump Holds Rally In Coralville, Iowa

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I‘ve written before about Republican leaders, pundits and supporters warning, and in many cases threatening, that Merica will see another “civil war” if the government and others continue the so-called “witch hunt” against Donald Trump and other conservative QMorons from the MAGA world. It’s wild, really. The so-called “law and order” party is constantly threatening violence and lawlessness.

The so-called “facts over feelings” party is relying on demonstrably false right-wing propaganda to justify threats and intimidation. The so-called “patriots” want to kill everything in America that doesn’t fall in line with their warped, bigoted, whitewashing, “woke”-attacking ideology.

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Here’s former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee giving us a Cliff Notes-level history lesson and then erroneously applying said history lesson to Trump’s situation before warning that future elections will be decided at gunpoint.

Here’s un-closeted white supremacist Nick Fuentes—a friend of the GOP who has literally called for a “white uprising” to get Trump back in office—saying that when conservatives are back in control of the country, atheists, “devil worshipers,” many people from the “Jewish community,” and anyone else who doesn’t support a Christian theocracy in America should be put to death, and that the act would even be more important than stopping “non-white people” from migrating here.

And here’s a pastor at a recent Trump rally in Coralville, Iowa, threatening “judgment” and “retribution” to MAGA opponents once Trump is reelected in 2024.

“This election is part of a spiritual battle,” the pastor said. “There are demonic forces at play. But judgment is coming. When Trump becomes the 47th president, there will be retribution against all those who have promoted evil in this country.”

In case this hasn’t been pointed out often enough, Donald Trump inspired a deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol during which so-called members of the “back the blue” party violently attacked police officers—and he attempted to undermine democracy by trying to disenfranchise millions of voters in a clear effort to steal a legal election by falsely claiming ad nauseam that it was stolen from him. 

He and the rest of the MAGA world are the “evil” in this country that is far too widely and persistently promoted. And that’s why the so-called party of anti-“divisiveness” is now calling for a violent war against everyone and everything outside of conservatism.


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