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'Tamron Hall Show' "Week Of Wishes" Holiday Potluck

Source: ABC/Jeff Neira / abc


Tamron Hall, an accomplished Black journalist for well over three decades now, is now in the eyes of many to be a front-runner in the great daytime TV race to fill that multibillion-dollar void left open back in 2011 with the departure of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

While she can’t hit multiple octaves like Jennifer Hudson (that we know of!), or is a Hollywood darling from birth like Drew Barrymore, the advantage that Tamron does have over her peers are the accolades to back it up — two Daytime Emmys for “Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host” to be exact! — and adapting Oprah’s penchant for giving back to her audience members on The Tamron Hall Show.

We found that out firsthand as a special guest in the audience today (December 13) during the Potluck Giveaway in her annual “Week Of Wishes.”



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As the magic of television made it possible for us to get this up on the day it airs during her regular time slot on ABC, we had to wait a few weeks to enjoy all the giveaways that each audience member received. Totaling up to nearly $2,000 in gifts per-person, Tamron made sure each person in the festively-decorated studio was prepared to get down in the kitchen for the holiday season.

We got a chance in-between all the potluck fun to speak with her personally about what it means to give back during this time of year, and why it’s more about the sentiment than anything. See what she had to say below:

“Listen, when I got this show one thing I really demanded, in addition to being the executive producer of the show, I said, ‘We have to do giveaways — we have to go big!’ My mom was a person who watched The Price Is Right all day and family members that would say, ‘I wish I was in that audience winning that!’

It’s such a beautiful way to say thank you to the Tam Fam, our audience here, and thank you to the people who had my back from the very beginning, from the dark days to the ones where the sun shined beautifully as well. It’s also a way to just celebrate people around the country for doing great things that are inspiring us.

…there’s nothing better than saying, ‘Y’all are all going home with — dot-dot-dot!” [Laughs]”


Guests (like us!) left with a master chef of assorted goods, including the Vitamix Propel Series 510 blender, a Murray’s Cheese holiday table box, a Business & Pleasure Co. apron, the Instant Pot Rio Wide Multicooker, the Levo II Oil Infuser, Heray Spice’s Afghan Spice Collection, a Graza gift card, stuffed cookies & a DIY decorating kit from Dirty Cookie, a bundle of Crank & Boom’s seasonal ice creams and a private cooking class from The Chef & The Dish.

Tune in this week on The Tamron Hall Show to witness more from the “Week Of Wishes” and your chance as a viewer to win as well!





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