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Diddy as The Joker

Source: @Diddy / Instagram

Diddy says he was banned from being The Joker by Warner Bros. after his costume last year, but he would troll the company by becoming The Batman for this year’s festivities.

Having a Halloween costume be so good that you’re prohibited from donning it again doesn’t seem like a real problem but for Diddy, it was. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (October 30), the entertainment mogul was asked by the host what he planned to do for Halloween. “Last year, I was the Joker, and I actually got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker,” Diddy responded. When Kimmel asked why, he stated: “They said it broke their trademark, that I did it too good. I swear I have this letter. I swear to God. From Warner Bros.”

When Diddy dressed up as The Joker, his uncanny portrayal became one of the top stories of Halloween stopping everyone he came across in their tracks from Tyler The Creator to Power actor Michael J. Ferguson. Diddy actually showed off the letter on his Instagram. “This is six full papers right here, I’m not even going to show the business on the paper.” He then said he wouldn’t do it again, but ended the video off with a screen saying “Stay Tuned”.

“Well do it again, then. Do it again!”, Kimmel said with a laugh. “So tomorrow… Warner Bros. lawyers, can you see me?” Diddy replied. “Put this camera on right here. The head of legal: Tomorrow, watch what I do.”

True to his word, Diddy made the reveal on his Halloween costume for 2023, revealing to the world through his Instagram account that he would be The Batman. The clip shows him as “The Darkest Knight”, showing him driving the actual Batmobile from director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy while purportedly putting an end to the strike between the writers and the Hollywood studios. His youngest daughter Love Sean Combs makes a cameo appearance in the clip at the end.

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