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Walking Tour of Richmond Grand Resort and Casino Site

Source: YouTube / WF MCGEE

With the November election less than one month away, a real game-changer for The City of Richmond returns to this year’s ballot, as Richmonders will have the opportunity to vote in favor of the proposed Richmond Grand Resort and Casino, estimated to bring as many as 1,300 jobs to the area.

The entertainment and gaming venue is set to include a luxury hotel, a live entertainment venue and 55 acres of green space.

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Understandably, the community is interested in plans and the project’s development. In his most recent video highlighting the area, Bill McGree took viewers on a walking tour of the proposed building site.

“I toured this area two years ago and thought that it was perfectly situated for the proposed development,” he wrote in the videos caption. “This area is isolated from ANY residential community. It is convenient to the interstate and will bring many, many jobs to the city of Richmond. VOTE YES! This message and video is unsolicited and unofficial. I have not been compensated to make this video.”

Check out the video below.

In late August, a press conference addressing the project took place, during which time Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairperson of Urban One, described the resort and casino as an investment into the city and its people.

“Urban One has been successful because we have always been clear about what we do and who we serve, and I count it a blessing that the city of Richmond has been among the communities we have been a part of for over two decades,” Hughes said“Richmonders recognize that this project is an opportunity for Richmond to invest in itself – an opportunity to have generational economic impact and use the $30 million generated every year towards creating a remarkable future with stronger schools and better services for their children, new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and hundreds of new jobs for their community. When Richmond votes yes, we say yes to good jobs, stronger schools, and services, and the opportunity to invest in Richmonders.”

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The resort, casino, and entertainment complex, which will be located off I-95 in South Richmond, is projected to create at least 1,300 well-paying jobs averaging $55,000 in annual compensation including benefits and generate at least $30 million in annual tax revenue for the City of Richmond. It is a joint venture of Churchill Downs, Incorporated and Urban One, Incorporated, and will use no public funds, incentives, or tax breaks.