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In the dynamic world of music, we’ve seen many collaborations between Meek Mill and Rick Ross. Including their newest collaboration, “SHAQ & KOBE”. Creativity knows no bounds for this partnership that goes beyond the conventional realms within the music industry. This rap powerhouse is where talent meets accountability. They aren’t just collaborators; they are pushing one another to greater heights in both their artistry and personal growth.

During Apple Music’s Rap Life, the two stars discussed how they encouraged one another to battle their struggles with substance abuse/drug use. Beginning with Rick Ross, speaking on drug use and how it effected his health, which lead to medical complications.

“Me drinking lean at a time and now, I’m taking medication two times a day because of this. And then you walk into a session, you see your little bro‘Aye man, we gotta tighten up on this sh*t.’ It’s a lot of different ways we can have issues, or back and forth, but we always got the money.”

And when it comes to the 36-year-old, Philly native, Meek Mill shares overcoming his battle with prescription medication and experiencing withdraws upon his release from prison in 2019.

“I came home, 2019, I couldn’t smoke weed or really drink liquor like that. Before 2019, I was off the lean and all that. I changed my lifestyle — well, I thought I changed.”

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