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Last Friday (Sept. 29), authorities arrested and indicted Duane Keith Davis aka Keffe D for his role in the murder of Tupac Shakur. This occurred after years of conducting interviews and where he placed himself at the scene of the crime.

Naturally, everyone began pointing fingers at DJ Vlad who’s become notorious for interviewing rappers and figures associated with the Hip-Hop culture and getting them to fess up to crimes they may have committed or witnessed in their past. As HipHopDX reports, knowing he had to fight to keep his alleged good name “clean,” DJ Vlad did an interview for Bomb1st and revealed that though he got Keffe D to talk about his role in the shooting of Tupac back in 1996, he didn’t actually help police with their investigation into the now indicted suspect when they came knocking on his door.

Revealing that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had contacted him about giving them information related to the Keffe D investigation, Vlad said “I’ve gotten a bunch of phone calls and emails and stuff like that, but I’m not cooperating with this.”

Still, heads do feel that Vlad’s interviews do tend to get his subjects to incriminate themselves, but he says that’s not his intention whatsoever and that “I’m not gonna have you come on my platform and do an interview only to have it work against you with the police.”

Vlad even said that he had to take down an interview as it could’ve been used against the person who was currently fighting a case. When prosecutors came for the video, Vlad lawyered up and was able to keep the interview out of the hands of authorities.

“If you interview on my platform, and the police try to approach me on it, I’m always going to say no.”

Well, that’s good to know. Still, following Keffe D’s arrest, it might be hard for Vlad to continue to book high profile artists as we all know police have their eyes on these interviews whenever they drop.

Check out Vlad’s response to the Keffe D arrest below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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