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Eazy The Block Captain is still swarmed with heavy allegations that he is dating Remy Ma, the wife of veteran rapper Papoose and the founder of the Chrome rap battle league. While Eazy The Block Captain has yet to address the allegations, a posted then deleted message is adding fuel to the embers of discussion. Remy Ma and Papoose have yet to speak to rumors.

It appears that a publicist for Eazy The Block Captain has been working for her client to get his story told. Nicole Sabrina, who posts on Instagram as @nikkithecoach_ shared a lengthy statement regarding the Philadelphia battle rapper below.

From Instagram:

9/22/23, I issued a statement to some media outlets advising that @eazyblockcapt1 would be making a statement today and that the exclusive story is available. This was done without Eazy’s consent. I understand that this is a serious error, and I take full responsibility for my actions.

My words and intent are now being twisted at the sacrifice of a client and I cannot have that. Eazy and I have worked together for a few years, and while it has been some time since our last project, I took it upon myself to begin discovery on potential business opportunities from a PR stand point.

Let me be clear, no amount of money was requested for an interview with Eazy. I made it clear that he would be dropping a statement on his own platforms first and that I have received offers for an exclusive interview after the release of that statement. Eazy did not and does not want to profit from an interview, he only wanted to release a statement telling his side of the story. I love our media and blog partners, and understand they have a duty to report the latest information on trending topics, but any blog outlet reporting anything different is not the whole truth.

Via his Instagram, eagle-eyed X (formerly known as Twitter) users caught wind of an Instagram story Eazy The Block Captain posted over the weekend and later deleted.

“If it’s not me, nobody speaks on my behalf. There’s a lot of rumors out there that I will address very soon,” Eazy wrote Friday (Sept. 22), which is the same day his publicist posted her statement.

Photo: Instagram/Getty

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