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If we’ve learned nothing else about Nike it’s that they’re all about their bottom line, so when they decided they’d begin selling refurbished sneakers on a new website, we weren’t really too surprised.

As part of their “Move To Zero” initiative to curb global warming, this week Nike launched a new program on their website dubbed “Nike Refurbished” where they began selling “new” sneakers that have been returned, exchanged or simply didn’t hit the shelves due to small imperfections. The best part is that lots of these sneakers are being sold at a discount of up to 50% off original retail price. Of course sneakerheads are hoping to stumble upon some grails, but chances are you won’t as real heads will hold onto some exclusive kicks or wear them until the sole falls off.

Do expect to see lots of Air Jordan 1’s, 2’s, and 5’s that bricked upon arrival or that were returned when resellers saw that there wasn’t a market for them. Just sayin.’

Per Nike:

What shoes are eligible for Nike refurbished?

Nike footwear that cannot be sold as brand new is eligible for Nike Refurbished. This could include a pair that a consumer returned or exchanged from a recent purchase because it wasn’t quite right for them, or shoes with a small imperfection. All product is then inspected, graded and refurbished by hand by a team of experts.

Well, at least you know you’ll be getting an authentic pair of Nike sneakers if they have their own experts inspecting them. Don’t expect find any Off-White’s, Travis Scott’s or any other top tier collaboration on Nike’s Refurbished site though. Y’all already know sneaker aficionados  would rather hold those for the rest of their lives before handing them back to Nike regardless of how it might help slow climate change. Heads will keep that heat for the feet until they disintegrate even if it means earth’s temperature continues to rise to unsustainable levels.

That’s just the sneaker game.

What do y’all think of Nike’s Refurbished sneakers program? Let us know in the comment section below.

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