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Paul Wall silver hair

Source: @paulwallbaby713 / TikTok

In a new social media video, Texas rap legend Paul Wall surprised his fans with a full head of silver hair and a beard to match.

As reported by HipHopDX, Houston native went on TikTok on Monday (September 18th). “1st off, why my face look like the old man filter lol, we had a lot of fun yesterday, perfoming [sic] halftime with @Louie TheSinger and watching the @Houston Texans,” he wrote in the caption. He’d go on to describe how much fun they had at the game and show love to Texans wide receiver Nathaniel “Tank” Dell.

Fans who tuned in were immediately struck by seeing “The People’s Champ” without the buzz cut and the soul patch that has been his look for two decades. The only parts of his signature style that were evident were the Texas drawl and the stunning gold grills.

“THATS PAUL WALL !!!????” one TikTok user wrote in shock, as another in the comments added: “Ain’t no way this Paul mane.” Another commenter wrote, “When I tell you I thought he was using the old man filter I literally thought he was 20-25.”

Others praised the new look. “He has aged like the finest wine, Lord have mercy,” one wrote with the blowing steam emoji. Another joked, “Paul Wall Lookin like The H-Town Leonardo DiCaprio.”

For the “I’m Throwed” artist, the response to his new look in the video is a sign of his own acceptance of it. In an interview with TMZ, he spoke about being insecure about going gray early. “But honestly, I always had insecurities and hang-ups about my gray hair as a younger person,” Paul Wall began, “Now, I don’t mean to be ageist or any of that, but once I hit 40, it just felt like being gray was more age-appropriate. So as soon as I hit 40, I swear, all my hang-ups, insecurities, they went out the window … I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m letting them grays show!’”

Paul Wall is currently looking to release a new album, The Great Wall, in December.

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