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Hollywood Confidential Salutes Actor And Singer Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese found himself on the business end of sharp jabs from DJ Envy during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show. Now, Tyrese is firing back at the host, stating that he never disrespected Envy’s wife, although the plot just got a bit thicker after the singer’s latest shot.

By way of a lengthy Instagram video post, Tyrese opens up the chat to say that DJ Envy’s claims of him disrespecting his wife wouldn’t add up because he’s been around beautiful women all his life and has never crossed that line before.

For the backstory, Tyrese was a guest on The Breakfast Club last week when the singer was confronted by DJ Envy over being overly friendly with his wife. Envy also went on to say that Black Ty has a history of doing this with the spouses of those close to him according to a former assistant who claimed it happened to him as well.

Tyrese also went on to say that he was supportive of Envy and his wife Gia Casey during the couple’s public issues but that the same grace wasn’t extended to him and his relationship woes. However, one curious moment is Tyrese admitting that he sent Envy’s wife a photo of his new Rolls Royce vehicle.

Envy and Casey fired back at Tyrese’s claims of the host being a liar in the clip below. According to the videos below, Ty even made demands on her time, something you definitely can’t and shouldn’t do with someone’s romantic partner on any level.

The video, which meanders a bit, can be viewed in full below, along with The Breakfast Club interview mentioned earlier.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

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