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Remy Ma x My True Crime Story

Source: VH1 / VH1

Remy Ma is adding a new talent to her resume after being tapped by VH-1 for a new crime show.

According to published reports, Remy Ma is slated to host VH1’s new crime series, “My True Crime Story”, which will take a look at some of the “most headline-making crimes” and “their rise, fall, and redemption” according to the show’s bio.

The 8 episode crime series will take viewers on a wild ride as they dive deep into cases involving million-dollar jewelry heists, bank robberies, and drug trafficking amongst other heinous crimes.

Remy, who had her own true crime story resulting in a six-year prison stint stemming from a 2008 incident where she allegedly shot a friend in the abdomen during an argument,  revealed in 2014 about her difficult experience in prison being away from her family and how she was treated amongst other cellmates.

In an interview with the Fader at the time of her release, Remy also revealed that her time during imprisonment was one of the most traumatic experiences of her life.

“I’m almost positive I have some type of PTSD,” the rapper explained. “Almost a decade of my life was consumed by the prison system. Of the past 15 years [as a rapper], I’ve spent most of that time in prison as opposed to the ‘free world,’ so I don’t think I’m going to forget any of the things I went through, and I still have people that I have learned to care about that are there, and will probably end up having to spend the rest of their life there.”

Excited about her latest job, Remy took to Instagram on Friday (July 16) to let fans know about her forthcoming show. “Crimes. Headlines. Redemption. Hear the REAL story from the masterminds themselves! @mytruecrimestory premieres Monday, August 2nd at 10/9c on @vh1 Narrated by Me!” she wrote. “Sidebar: It’s like watching true crime shows in my living room with me while I’m commentating. Double Sidebar: I try to keep the ‘are you dumb’s’ to a minimum.”

During another appearance, she opened up about the feelings she went through while at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. In the first few years, she said was angry, but by the end of her term, those feelings had gone away.

“Year four, year five, I’m starting to really see how me being there is influencing other people’s lives… it really made me like, ‘Alright cool, think this is why I was supposed to be here,’” she told Fat Joe.

VH1’s “My True Crime Story” premieres at 10 pm/9 pm central on August 2.

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