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Philly Goats Talk Going Viral with ‘Shake That’ Dance

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Philly Goats

Source: Amir Gray / other

Two things you have in common with everyone in the world regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity or language are dancing and laughter. The Philly Goats have put together, bringing the world to laugh together, through dance. The trending trio of D.Sturdy Spence, and Sou have recorded viral hits have everyone around the world doing their dance. Looking effortless for some and ridiculous for others, this stylish bounce has millions around the world shaking their hips til it hurts.

Spence talks about the origin of the dance and the flack they caught for it in the beginning. He said the dance originated from a handshake. The handshake featured and gesture the involved moving your hips in a swinging motion. This unorthodox greeting was uncanny to their classmates initially. Spence claimed his friends said was ‘gay’. Deciding to stay true to self, the trio continued to do the dance.

Philly goats

Left to right: D.Sturdy, Spence, Sou    Source: Amir Gray / other

Coupling the groove with some melodic house party sounds, they released snippets on social media and have become a worldwide phenomenon as the world highly anticipated their song “Shake That”. Celebrities of all industries picked up on the popular bop and it has been a streamline to the opening a musical lane that combines rap and house music.

The Philly Goats stopped through the station to chop it up with DNA about going viral from their trendy dance, PGS Spence’s new single “buckle up”, tour & more!


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