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As a former advisor to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it goes without saying that anything the honorable Xernona Clayton has to say in regards to her deceased old friend is worth taking note of.

That’s why it evoked a moment to stop and think after she made a bold statement in regards to his famous dream for Black America during a recent visit to Ryan Cameron Uncensored in promotion of her new Bounce TV documentary, A Life In Black & White.


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“During his lifetime, [Dr. King] said, ‘I really cannot understand — it’s beyond me! — how people cannot and have not learned yet to live together and love each other,’” Clayton told Ryan of her conversations with the late civil rights leader, continuing to make her point by adding, “He said, ‘But you know, somehow, my faith makes me believe at some point we’ll love each other and take care of each other.’”

Mrs. Clayton, a seasoned activist in her own right, unfortunately isn’t still too sure that Dr. King’s optimistic hopes for the future have much of a chance at coming to fruition, going to add, “Now, I read the paper every day and listen to the radio or television, and I’m not sure [that] I can agree with him; we look like we’re getting more violent everyday.”

With all that we’ve seen gone down in the culture over the past year alone, can you really blame her assertion?

Watch the full interview with Xernova Clayton on Ryan Uncensored below to find out how she personally plans on bringing Dr. King’s dream to life:



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