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Nellyville last night on BET. Before it hit the air Nelly talked with our Paris Nicole about being a single father in the industry, his beef with Floyd Mayweather and his relationship with Miss Jackson.

Highlights from the interview:

On being a single father:

We get to do something [with Nellyville] that is not out there. That is showing something that is not out there, which is a single father in hip hop. And this generation of fathers that are relevant in their kids lives.  … Not just sending checks, but they are actually there. There are a lot of fathers, not just myself, that are in their kids lives on a day-to-day basis.

On being in private relationships:

That’s an onus I think everybody just threw on Nelly and that wasn’t the case. We had an agreement, but it wasn’t just my case to keep that private like that. I think in this situation it’s kind of hard to show everything that’s been going on without showing that side of it too. One of the things that made me wait so long was making sure my kids were older so they could deal with this situation as much as possible.

On the beef with Floyd:

I don’t have any beef. I don’t have any beef at all. I just do me. It is what it is. I’m about that issue. I’m not about to just be not respected at all. It is what it is.


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