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Gun Toting Pastor Rapper

Source: screen cap / Youtube

The head of a religious group that conducts worship with AR-15 assault rifles and supports MAGA politics is now entering the rap game.

Pastor Hyung-Jin “Sean” Moon, the head of The Sanctuary Church (also known as Rod of Iron Ministries) has made a shift from preaching far-right platitudes in his sermons to creating rap videos spreading those extremist messages. According to reports, he was touting a YouTube video channel that hosted low-budget videos he created in the growing genre of “MAGA rap” aimed at that section of the population, calling himself “King Bullethead”. Moon’s channel so far has 1,000 subscribers.

The videos usually feature Moon as “King Bullethead” spewing “questionable rhymes” while wearing flashy sunglasses, a crown of gold bullets, and wearing skeleton gloves while sporting a gold-plated AR-15 rifle, the same weapon his church teaches is the “Rod of Iron” that was foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelations. The YouTube channel with the videos (which Moon promised would be updated each Friday)was launched last December but has been flagged repeatedly by YouTube for content violating its guidelines.

In one song, “Big MAGA 20”, Moon sits at the same desk where he normally delivers sermons. “They can’t stop us so they silence, censor, and act like Communists,” he raps. “Politicians lie to get their power and form their little cliques/Politics is a combination of the words ‘poly’ and ‘ticks’/‘Poly’ means more than one, a few, a group of cliques, and ticks are parasites that suck your blood until the very last drip.” Another video, “Fruit Ninja”, targets the LGBTQ community: “Did you hear about this group called LGTBQ/You may have heard them in your school or even your church pew/They are telling our kids they can switch to any gender/Taking hormones slicing organs like they’re playing Fruit Ninja.”

Moon’s pivot to rap comes as there’s a rise of rappers who tout far-right views, evidenced by the recent furor caused by Forgatio Blow, who has been pushing a song called “Boycott Target”, calling them out for having products from LGBTQ creators in their stores. The move to rap also arrives as Moon is seeking to expand upon his late father Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s legacy by having the Rod of Iron Ministries embrace figures like Steve Bannon and buying property on a Tennessee mountain and a compound near Waco, Texas.

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