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Lance "UN" Rivera, 30, is the CEO of Undeas Records which is based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Well, Jay-Z did say “Not guilty, y’all got to feel me,” on his smash hit “Izzo.” Two decades after the fact, Lance “Un” Rivera is confirming that Jay-Z is indeed innocent of assaulting him.

More than twenty years after Jay-Z was arrested, booked, and pleaded out to stabbing Lance “Un” Rivera at the Kit Kat Club, Rivera reveals that Jay didn’t actually stab him and that Hova is actually a “nice guy.” In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Rivera finally shed some light on the infamous incident and recalled how everything unfolded that night at Q-Tip’s album listening party.

After DJ Vlad broke down the celebrities that were in attendance at the party, Rivera confirmed the names that Vlad threw out there and recalled “I showed up to support [Q-Tip]. Jay, a bunch of us is in there. I ended up getting surrounded by a bunch of people. It was probably 10 knives that I knew of, and I ended up getting stabbed at the Kit Kat Club.”

After Vlad bluntly asked “Was Jay-Z the one that actually stabbed you,” Lance paused for a second before saying “No, Jay-Z was not the guy that actually stabbed me that night,” but did say that “Me and Jay-Z had a conversation while – right before I got hit in the head with a champagne bottle.” After getting hit with the bottle, Lance was stabbed in the back near his shoulder.

The incident was said to be caused by a rumor that Lance “Un” Rivera was the man who leaked Jay-Z’s highly anticipated album, Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter a month before it was scheduled to drop. With everyone in Jay’s ear that Rivera was the guilty party, Jay allegedly approached Rivera at the club about the situation before he was ultimately assaulted and stabbed up. After a lengthy two-year court battle over the situation, Jay-Z finally pleaded guilty and ended up getting three years probation for the 2001 attack.

Now that it’s all behind them, Rivera says “I don’t know where people got Jay-Z stabbed me from because if anybody knows Jay-Z, Jay-Z’s a nice guy. He’s an artist, he’s a poet, he’s gifted and it’s never been his history.”

Well, that’s good enough for us. We ain’t questioning Jay-Z’s innocence anymore. Why Lance “Un” Rivera would decide to break his silence on the situation now is anyone’s guess, but if he says Jay ain’t do it, we’ll just have to take his word for it.

What do y’all think of Lance’s revelation about the stabbing incident? Let us know in the comment section below.

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