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Fans of ABC’s Good Morning America suspected that reporter Janai Norman may have a little one on the way… and they were right!

As reported in an exclusive with PEOPLE Magazine, Norman, who co-anchors the show on weekends, announced on Sunday’s show (April 30) that she and her husband are expecting their third child together.

Norman revealed that there were some eagle-eyed viewers that noticed that something was different about her, even before she knew it herself.

“The Saturday before I found out there were two different viewers who commented in places and were like ‘Hey, is Janai pregnant?’ ” she says. “And even that day that I found out I posted a picture that said ‘Caption this’ and somebody said ‘Surprise pregnancy’. I don’t know what it is but some viewers just know, so I’m excited to confirm.”

Norman, who also hosts ABC’s educational animal program Oh Baby, is about 10 weeks along. The little one will be joining her five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. (FYI: Norman keeps the names of her husband and kids private.)

“I’ve been manifesting this,” she says. “I’ve been very open about wanting to have a third. Just before I found out I told friends at lunch ‘I really feel like things are starting to clear out to allow me to welcome the blessing.’”

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In perhaps a very divine timing, Norman discovered her pregnancy as she was working on a segment addressing the alarming rate of Black maternal mortality in the U.S.

“Obviously, it then takes much more of a personal toll,” she says. “Those numbers are real. I would be foolish to think that somehow I am above that or it couldn’t happen to me.”

With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Norman opts for a home birth, as she did with her first two children.

She spoke about her son’s birth in 2017. “It went so well and was so beautiful. I was determined to do it again with my daughter and had an incredible water birth during the pandemic. People would look at me crazy when I told them it was magical. It truly was.”

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