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cassidy eminem

Cassidy (left) Eminem (right)

Cassidy has recently stated that he’d like to either collaborate with Eminem, or battle him, to see who the “biggest battle rapper” in the game actually is.

Of course, Cass claims he owns that title right now.

While doing an interview with the African Cultural Art Forum, the Hotel rapper doubled down on his claim as the biggest battle rapper ever. “It’s nobody else in battle rap bigger than me or did more things than me,” Cassidy stated. “If somebody wanted to try to claim the title, like Eminem or somebody would have to come back and get in the lane and try to claim that they are the biggest battle rapper. Because as of this point right now, it’s me.”

He continued, “I’m a fan of Eminem man. I want to work with him. Trade some information with bull. Do some music with him, so I ain’t really trying to battle him, but I’ll battle anybody.”

Do you think Cassidy and Eminem would make a good battle? Who do you think would win?


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