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A recent rise in car thefts has been happening to Kia, Hyundai owners this year. As owners blame car companies for their products to be so easily broken into, Hyundai says Tik-Tok has been the reason for the recent surge. Stemming back to last summer, even late 2021, car thefts have risen over 50% in Atlanta, El Paso, Chicago, and Dayton.

Hyundai alludes to Tik-Tok influencers are making coordinated effort on social media to make tutorials that have been made informing users how to hack into a ‘”locked” Kia, or Hyundai car. It was discovered that some Kia and Hyundai models were able to be hacked into and started with a simple USB charger. By summer of 2022, these group of growing theft tutors were dubbed the “Kia Boys”

PA State Attorney General Michelle A. Henry joined 22 other Attorney Generals across the U.S. to compose a letter to Hyundai and Kia, informing them car thefts are still on the rise and little to nothing has been done reverse the upward trend.

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“Your companies’ decisions not to install anti-theft immobilizers as standard equipment on certain vehicles sold in the United States has caused ongoing consumer harm and undermined public safety in communities across the country.”  The Attorney Generals letter said. “It is well past time that you acknowledge your companies’ role and take swift and comprehensive action to remedy it.”

To see the full letter written by the Attorney Generals [CLICK HERE]

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