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DIXSON stopped by the studio to chop in up with Mina Saywhat about his newest project SWEETERhis coming of age in the music scene and what to expect from him in the near future!

He also talks about working with Beyonce on Renaissance, and producing the song “Be Alive” which was apart of the King Richard soundtrack which won an Holly Critics Association Award for Best Original Song . He attributes her legendary nature to be effortless

Winner Beyonce at Grammy Awards

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“Her voice changes everything. I think she was able to craft for us, a more deep and personal aspect of the song” DIXSON said. “She’s very much like Serena and Venus (who) had a father who was very active in her life, so the parts of the song that feel most connected to the film, I attribute to her.”

He then broke down what it was like producing music as well as songwriting. DIXSON plays eleven instruments and wheres many different hats in the studio. He explains he loves the whole process that comes with making music.

DIXSON In Concert - New York, NY

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Now that his artistry has taken precedence, he says he is more likely to be the voice behind a beautiful set of lyrics he’s written as opposed to settling for a songwriting credit.

DIXSON In Concert - New York, NY

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“The first two or three years of doing it professionally, I was like ‘if somebody bigger than me wants it, I’ll do that’, just so I can get established, just so I can be financially secure” DIXSON explained.”Now a days, I’m starting to take song back for myself — but I never have that conversation with Beyonce, she keeps everything I give her.” He joked.

Check out the full interview with Mina Saywhat here!


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