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Xi Jinping Has Landed In Russia 

Many Westerners have expressed their concern about Chinese leader, Xi Jinping’s role in the Russian/Ukraine conflict. They also questioned where the Chinese leader would stand when it came to us…or Russia. Seems like Xi has chosen a side. After being seen landing in Moscow and meeting with Putin, many believe that the two will be discussing the next tactical move they will be taking against the West and the rest of the world.

Putin stated China & Russia relations are “standing on a brink of a new era”. The two share a similar form of government, and their leaders share a similar way of running things… through a dictatorship. The two do not like the idea of a world where the United States has so much power. Putin is at a weak point right now, considering the fact that he is losing a war in Ukraine. Having Xi Jinping on his side is a move that could benefit Russia.

As we continue spectating the Chinese and Russian relations, we hope the two parties keep all talk and threats of war at a minimum.



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