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As the world is still trying to get back to normalcy following the COVID-19 shutdown, a new report behind Wall Street Journal’s paywall is now giving new insight as to what caused the outbreak.

According to an internal report by the U.S. Energy Department that was allegedly shared with the White House and Congress recently, it appears that the virus was a result of a “mishap” at a lab in China. Although it is unclear what lab could be responsible or under what circumstances, the intelligence report did mention that they had “fresh intel” that led to this new determination. However, it IS worth noting that the DoE’s confidence is “low” in terms of being absolutely sure.

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The FBI did a similar investigation in 2021 and reached the same assessment. However, four unnamed governmental agencies and a national intelligence panel disagreed, saying that COVID-19 may be a result of natural transmission. Again, their confidence in being sure is “low.”

So, at this point, it is still anyone’s guess as to what really caused the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the conspiracy theories that were easily dismissed 2-3 years ago may not be so farfetched now.

Only time will tell.


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