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Now that Thanksgiving is in our rearview, Black Friday means folks will be hitting the stores in droves to check out all the great deals available. For this year’s Black Friday gift guide, we’re teaming up with our guys at CASSIUS to deliver a collection of items that should cover a lot of gifting needs.

As we mentioned above, Black Friday (Nov. 25) is always a frenzied time for shoppers but thankfully, most can get what they need from the comfort of their homes and smart devices. Below, we’re featuring a collection of brands that offer everything from clothing items to healthy snacks, beverages, tech items, and much more. Happy shopping!

Gifts For Black Friday & Beyond

California Cowboy

That morning chill will sneak up on you quickly and nothing beats a comfy hoodie within reach. California Cowboy specializes in more than just hoodies and offers a number of clothing options for men, women, and whichever. Styled with the breezy West Coast vibe in the front of the mind, California Cowboy’s PCH hoodie is one of the dopest pieces we’ve seen in a while. The brand also features its Unisex AprèSki Robe. Check out California Cowboy here.


Dorothy is a brand we’ve featured on Hip-Hop Wired in the past and they’re offering a dazzling array of prints that are music and entertainment-focused offerings. We can personally vouch for the Hip-Hop stamp album and Hip-Hop blueprint prints. Visit Dorothy by clicking here.

Infinity X1

HHW & CASSIUS Black Friday Gift Guide 2022

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Infinity X1 specializes in a variety of handheld flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and other lighting solutions. The LED Hybrid Powered Aircraft Aluminum flashlight series offers a quartet of lights at varying lumen strengths featuring three lighting modes, IPx4 water resistance, protection from drops up to three feet, and dual power options. The lights feature a rechargeable battery and AA battery options. It can also serve as an additional power source via a USB-A port. Learn more about Infinity X1 here.


When you think about it, few people in the world would say no to the option of personalizing their ice cubes. That’s where Siligrams come in. The company provides customizable ice molds for initials, short phrases, and much more. Even better, the brand offers tips to users on how to get their ice crystal clear, which not only helps the ice melt slower but also looks cooler. Check out Siligrams here.

High Camp Flasks

We love High Camp Flasks around these parts after previously featuring them in an earlier guide over the summer. The founders of the brand were kind enough to suggest warm weather uses for their wares but now that the cold months are here, we’re super excited to see how else to use their array of products. We’ve already tried out the brand’s 750 flask, but we think the Firelight Tumbler 2-Pack and the 3-in-1 Highball Shaker would make great gifting items. Check out High Camp Flasks here.

Couchmaster CYBOSS

At the height of the pandemic, a majority of workers were displaced from their offices and set up shop in their homes. The couch became the new office and as anyone who works remotely can tell you, it isn’t the most ergonomic option. Enter Couchmaster. The brand offers a selection of devices that can fit a laptop, mousepad, and more to make a handy workstation or a comfortable hub for gaming. The CYBOSS is Couchmaster’s latest offering. Learn more about Couchmaster and the CYBOSS here.


HHW & CASSIUS Black Friday Gift Guide 2022

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For those of us over a certain age, jello shots could be considered a rite of passage. Now that we’re all grown up, nostalgia is hitting us and SLRRRP Shots has us covered. What we’re most excited about is that SLRRRP Shots features plant-based gelatin, so it’s indeed kosher. What we also love is that you don’t need to refrigerate the shots and they come in two sizes (50 ml and 35 ml) at 13 percent ABV and 8 percent ABV respectively. For those who want more bang for their buck, the Cinnamon Whiskey shot packs 15 percent ABV. Learn more about SLRRRP Shots here.


For those of us who aren’t as limber as we used to be, getting to those hard-to-reach spots on our middle and upper back is a chore. That’s where bearback comes in. Via its self-care bundle, bearback offers a scratcher, lotion applicator, dry brush, and massage roller. We have to say that the massage roller and lotion applicator are inventions that we always wanted but didn’t know how badly we needed them. Learn more about bearback here.

Tea Runners

If you have a tea drinker in your life, then you already know they can run through their stash in record time. Tea Runners, a monthly subscription service, makes it so that a fresh brew of loose-leaf tea will always be on the menu. They’re having a great Black Friday sale so we suggest you head over and get to steeping. Learn more about Tea Runners here.


While most of us are probably done with all our fancy dinner table settings, some of us live to entertain in that fashion on a regular basis. If you want to impress your guests or even show out for your loved ones, Stone+Lain offers affordable tableware that will certainly spark conversations and make for some amazing social media imagery as well. Check out Stone+Lain here.


If you are readers of HHW or CASSIUS, you’re probably quite aware that we’re a Black-owned company, something we say with a measurable amount of pride. We’re so excited to feature WONDRY in this guide, a Black-owned company that just received backing from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban via Shark Tank. Founders Whitney and Chaz offer a selection of cocktail wines and cream liqueurs that boast almost 14 percent ABV. Learn more about WONDRY here.


Depending on where you are in the world, fall is still ripe for outdoor activity opportunities outside the usual hikes and trail runs. PARKIT has quite a handy outdoor accessory in their Voyager chair. The Voyager folds into a backpack and features a detachable cooler that rests under the seat. Imagine breaking this out while taking in a sunset at the beach or after a hearty brisk walk in your local park. Learn more about PARKIT here.

Buddha Board

The world is full of a variety of stressors. Couple that with daily work and family life, and it makes sense that staying still and finding ways to express is one of the key hallmarks of mindfulness. Buddha Board, which we’ve featured before, helps achieve this by allowing its users to doodle, draw, notate, and scribble to their hearts’ content using only water as its de facto ink. We personally love Buddha Board around these parts and it’s helped us take in the little moments with joy and clarity. Learn more about Buddha Board here.


HHW & CASSIUS Black Friday Gift Guide 2022

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Food is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind after Turkey Day but you can only subsist on leftovers for a short while. Are you in seek of a healthier plant-based snack option? Look no further than Confetti. We like Confetti because they’re all about putting snacks in front of that are simply just better than the usual junk. Created in Singapore, the dazzling flavor options include Tandoori Curry, Summer Truffle, Green Curry, Teriyaki BBQ. Not a bad crunch in the bunch. Learn more about Confetti here.

Dope Coffee

Coffee lovers can be Hip-Hop heads too, ask us how we know. As it stands, there aren’t a lot of Black-owned coffee companies (that we’re aware of) but we’re excited to give light to Dope Coffee. The tagline “Coffee, Culture, Hip-Hop” speaks directly to us as it should. Check out more from Dope Coffee here.

Raised on the ’80s (Book)

HHW & CASSIUS Black Friday Gift Guide 2022

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Generation X-ers are now settling into their creaky old bones and embracing the changes that come with being middle-aged. Curiously enough, the forgotten generation is back in a big way via a variety of television shows, resurfaced fashion trends, and even food products from the 1980s. Author Chris Clews just published a book examining the influence of the era in his book, Raised on the ’80s: 30+ Unexpected Life Lessons from the Movies and Music That Defined Pop Culture’s Most Excellent Decade. The book can be purchased here.

iLive 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

HHW & CASSIUS Black Friday Gift Guide 2022

Source: Various / Various

If you have a heavy phone or electronics user in your life, then you’re already aware of the mad scramble for chargers, outlets, cords, and the like. Thankfully, iLive’s 3-in-1 Charging Stand eliminates the fuss and gives fast wireless charging for both Android and iPhone devices. Check out iLive’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand here.

Puffer Hug

With the fall season still in full swing and layering being a fashion option, you can never be too prepared for sunny but crisp days and typically cooler nights. Puffer Hug, which we’ve featured in past guides, is a handy piece of cool-to-cold weather apparel that isn’t only stylish but extremely functional to boot. Our favorite feature? The Puffer Hug has pockets! Who doesn’t love a pocket? Learn more about Puffer Hug here.

Do some poking around on the sites to see how their Black Friday sales shake out. If you found anything you enjoyed, come on back and let us know in the comments section!

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