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Democratic Senate Candidate Cheri Beasley Campaigns In Charlotte

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Cheri Beasley is no stranger to tough fights. The Former North Carolina Supreme Court chief justice knows what it means to build statewide support and trust from a broad coalition of voters.

In Friday night’s debate hosted by Spectrum News, likely the only match-up between Beasley and Republican nominee Rep. Ted Budd, she hit several points, reiterating her strong position in favor of policies that benefit North Carolina’s various communities.  

If she wins, Beasley would be the state’s first Black senator and the third Black woman to serve in the body. Local news positioned the debate as one of two candidates with different viewpoints. But it’s evident that the North Carolina race for the U.S. Senate, like many others, is about who will stand up for the average person.  

And she refocused questions concerning President Joe Biden back to her positions and work ethic. It makes sense that Republicans would seek to tie Democratic candidates to a president perceived by some to be struggling in his popularity. But Beasley remained firm in her resolve to be evaluated on the merits of her positions.  

For the Democratic-controlled Congress to do more about many issues impacting families and workers, they will need to expand the Senate majority and hold onto the House. With Beasley, there is no scapegoating or boogeyman, only affirmative statements of what she will do to support the best interest and well-being of North Carolinians.

During the debate, she stood firm in supporting reproductive health protections and preventing efforts to limit access to abortion. In an exchange about inflation, Budd blamed the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan saying it went too far. Despite having a narrow majority in Congress, Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan and, more recently, the Inflation Reduction Act. Both aim to ease burdens experienced by the average person.  

According to the North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Office, the American Rescue Plan provided $273.3 million for the Housing Assistance Fund supporting homeowners who experienced hardship during the pandemic. North Carolina also received $5.4 billion under the American Rescue Plan, with various local governments receiving $2.7 billion directly from a local recovery fund. The state spent that money in several areas, including infrastructure, individual relief and unemployment, business relief and recovery and education.  

Beasley positions herself as a champion for North Carolina

The former chief justice of the state Supreme Court isn’t just focused on helping Democrats expand their control in the Senate. Beasley says she wants to be a fighter for the people of her state. 

She positions herself as a champion of many common sense policies like expanding the Affordable Care Act to include a public option and expanding Medicaid. North Carolina is one of 12 states that have refused to expand Medicaid providing medical coverage.  

The North Carolina race has been overlooked by many, but Beasley has been a strong contender from day one. She previously won statewide and could do so again with a suitable investment in the final push.  


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