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Charles Montgomery Allen shot and killed a black boy in south carolina

Source: Florence County Sheriff’s Office / Florence County Sheriff’s Office

An 8-year-old Black boy from Portsmouth, New Hampshire was shot and killed in Florence County, South Carolina on May 28, by a white man who was randomly shooting at cars driving by his house.

The boy, who police identified as Quarius Dunham, was vacationing with his family in South Carolina when Charles Montgomery Allen shot the child and his father as they passed by in their vehicle.

According to coroner reports, Dunham was shot in the neck and died the following day from his injuries. His father, who was shot in the leg, survived and is expected to make a full recovery.

Allen was arrested and charged with one count of murder, nine counts of attempted murder, discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle, and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Police say Allen shot at and hit multiple cars that passed by his home on Old River Road in Florence. Local law enforcement told ABC 15 News that they were familiar with Allen and that he had a history with Police.

During his bond hearing on Wednesday, Allen told the judge that he was a victim and had been trying to seek help for the past two years. His plea to the judge took a left turn once he tried to explain his plight.

“Can I say that I have been a victim here well over two years? Every device I have has been hacked. Every device, my cell phones. My TV. I can’t even get a signal at my home to watch TV. Like there is some kind of jammer in the area. I have been a total victim for well over two years. And I said over and over and over I did not want anyone to get hurt. This is not the first. The first time I went and stole some stuff from the store. Just to see if there was still law and order,” said Allen.

The judge then explained to Allen that this was just his bond hearing and that they were only dealing with matters about the bond, but Allen continued his rant.

“I’m so lost right now. I’ve been lost for two years. Trying to figure out how my devices can be hacked. And I can have audibles in my home. But, barely. Like barely audibles coming into my home you know saying things. And they’re directional. I mean it’s barely audible. It’s not something in my head. It’s barely audible. It’s a noise. It’s a sound,” Allen told the judge.

Allen was eventually denied bond and remains at Florence County Detention Center. He is set to appear again in court in July and in September.


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