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Attorney General Letitia James makes announcement about...

New York Attorney General Letitia James Source: Pacific Press / Getty

Former President Donald Trump keeps grasping at straws, trying to escape accountability for business dealings under investigation in the Empire state. A federal judge in New York ruled that New York Attorney General Letitia James‘ investigation into the Trump Organization could proceed.  

Trump tried to argue that the investigation resulted from “political animus,” but the judge rejected those claims. According to the Associated Press, the judge issued a 43-page decision explaining why the request was being denied and how federal law limits intervention in a state matter.

In a Tweet, James said frivolous lawsuits would not stop her office from completing its lawful duties. “In a big victory, a federal court has dismissed Donald Trump’s baseless lawsuit to stop my office’s investigation into his and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings,” James wrote. 

The Associated Press quoted Trump’s lawyer saying they would appeal the decision. James has been persistent in her mission to hold businesses operating within the state of New York accountable for their actions. Also, the outlet noted that the former president and his company never objected to the “underlying legal basis” for James’ investigation.

From a cursory review of statements put out by the attorney general’s office, Official statements about the Trump investigation strike a similar tone as mentions of other efforts to protect the taxpayers of New York. In the past few months alone, James has taken on a variety of powerful entities, including Turbo Tax and a home health agency allegedly committing Medicare fraud and cheating workers.

She also recently warned retailers about price gouging on Baby formula in the middle of a national shortage.  

The investigation into the Trump Organization is separate from the criminal investigation previously led by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. It is also distinct from the election probe into the former president’s alleged interference with the administration of Georgia’s elections in 2020.  

In a separate proceeding earlier this week, an appeals court held that Trump must submit to questioning as a part of the attorney general’s investigation. Back in January, Trump’s attorney called James a “sick person” for doing her job. 

While Trump tried to deflect from the validity of the attorney general’s investigation with alleged partisan bias, groups like Citizens For Responsibility & Ethics In Washington have been tracking alleged issues during the Trump administration. A recent report found the former president required the Secret Service to spend approximately $1.75 million while Trump stayed at properties he owned.

“The Secret Service has spent nearly $2 million of taxpayer money at Trump properties, literally paying Donald Trump for the right to protect him and his family,” read the report. “Trump was making promotional appearances at businesses he continued to own and profit from. It would be bad enough that he visited his properties nearly 550 times while in office, but it is much worse that he was using the trips to line his pockets with taxpayer money via his Secret Service protection.”


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