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Masked Emotion

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No masks, just vibes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that masks are no longer required indoors or outdoors in most settings for fully vaccinated patrons. The news came as a shock for most, as coronavirus is still at large in many places across the United States, and at an even greater risks for healthcare systems across the world in countries like India.

People are expressing their excitement to explore the world again without a mask mandate. Meanwhile, other US citizens are not moved and say that they will continue wearing a mask until further notice.

Several news sites blasted CDC’s newest guidance policy, and the Potus shared the news on the official Potus account.

There are many questions regarding CDC’s latest guidelines like whether or not masks were effective to begin with or if the lack of masks moving forward will cause a new influx of COVID-19 cases. The future is unclear, but it seems like Americans are back to their regularly scheduled programs. More music festival announcements, events and indoor dining scheduled to commence across the United States and now, not a mask in sight.

Jobs, schools and other public spaces will not require people to wear masks. It has brought about great concern for some people and social media users are taking to Twitter to express all of their emotions regarding the news.

In schools:

Regarding jobs, one user suggests you simply quit:

Some users question the legitimacy of those claiming to be vaccinated:

Some social media users simply said no:

Are you going to continue wearing a mask in public spaces? Comment your thoughts below.

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