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America remembers George Floyd murder, one year later

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is basically the Charlie Brown of Afro-Cubans who join white nationalist organizations. He’s the Latin sunken place master of Ls. If “Bro, get yourself a real job because this clearly ain’t your bag” was a person, it would be Enrique Tarrio.

According to Reuters, Tarrio was arrested Tuesday on a conspiracy charge for his alleged role in plotting the Jan 6, 2021, Whitey Rage Against the Voting Machines insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, where a mob of MAGA rubes tried to block the certification of President Joe Biden’s election.

During a virtual federal court hearing, prosecutors requested that Tarrio be detained pending trial because they believe he is a danger to the community and a flight risk.

From his Miami jail cell, Tarrio told the judge that he has “absolutely” no savings and that he only recently got a job printing T-shirts that pays him $400 to $500 per week.

Tarrio isn’t accused of being present at the Whiny Whites for Black Vote Dissapearance rebellion, but he’s accused of helping plan and direct it. Proud Boy members Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, Charles Donohoe, Zachary Rehl, and Dominic Pezzola are also indicted in the case.

And apparently, the Proud bros ain’t loyal because Reuters reported that “other members of the Proud Boys removed Tarrio from their private chatrooms early on Tuesday after learning of his arrest, said a member of the group who asked for anonymity.”

This is only the latest chapter in Tario’s long history of taking Ls.

Before this arrest, Tarrio was given a five-month sentence for lynching a Black Lives Matter banner that was taken from a Black church in Washington, D.C. Last November, the big bad man who brought a BLM banner to street justice begged a judge to grant him early release because it turns out jail is uncomfortable and because he was “deathly afraid” of being harmed. Of course, he was denied, because Tarrio takes ls like Donald Trump took golf breaks throughout his presidency.

Before all of that, Tarrio admitted that the Proud Boys were broke boys and he had to result to printing Black Lives Matter T-shirts to make money. Now, I’m not sure if that was on his resume for his current T-shirt printing job, but one can only imagine how many BLM shirts he’s currently creating. It’s like being a Decepticon whose soul purpose is printing Autobot logos.

Anyway, before Tarrio’s unstable financial situation was revealed, it was revealed that he was a whole opp who spent years snitching for federal and local law enforcement following a 2012 arrest. I’ve been accidentally calling him Enrique Tekashi ever since.

And before all of that, the day before the Jan. 6 Caucasians Can’t Coup Right Convention, Tarrio was arrested on weapons charges and for the BLM banner burning resulting in him being banned from Washington D.C. so he couldn’t even attend the riot he’s accused of helping to plan.

Now that we’ve gone through a (possibly?) complete list of Tarrio losses, let’s all enjoy watching the L that keeps on L-ing get arrested in his drawers.

The degree to which this man is a walking embarrassment is damn near unmatched.


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