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Memorial Service Held For Rapper DMX

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Swizz Beatz was closer to DMX than most, and made it a point to call out the phony friends who weren’t there for the late rapper when he was alive at his homegoing. In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Swizz stood by what he said about X not getting the love he needed, and sycophants in his cipher.

“I just wish all these people showed up for him when he was here,” said Swizz at the Barclays Center on April 24. “You got thousands of people claiming who they are and tickets and things like that. This man needed everybody. He didn’t need everybody when he’s not here, he needed everybody when he was here. We have to learn to celebrate each other while we’re here.”

That’s all facts.

Martinez asked about who he was referencing. Although he didn’t name any name, Swizz pointed out that it wasn’t the fans he had issues with, but people closer to X who showed their true colors after his death.

“From the fans’ standpoint, X got a lot of love. It’s just the other love he was looking for I don’t think he got a lot of,” said Swizz “And that’s what made me want to say what I said at his homegoing because I was dealing with a lot of that. And I was with X a lot. Especially, recently. So I was very current in his life and understanding where he was at and what he was going through. So when I started seeing things, naturally as his brother, it just bothered me.”

Rest in power Dark Man X.


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