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According to NBC News, there’s trouble brewing between Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison and the White House. Allegedly, there is blame on both sides; the outlet reported citing insider sources familiar with the situation. 

According to several sources interviewed by NBC News, Harrison was not doing enough high visibility events around the country, often opting to stay home closer to his family. Even If it is just idle insider political gossip, there’s something telling about White House “insiders” who like to run their mouths to the press about high-ranking Black leaders. Last year rumors and leaks about Vice President Harris claimed she couldn’t handle her staff. 

There’s a quickness with which allegedly concerned members of the Democrats cool kids club like to buddy up to D.C.-based press and bad mouth Black leadership. No one is leaking sneak disses about White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. 

Responding to the rumors, Harrison said in an interview that people need to focus on real issues at hand.

“My hope is that people who have time to engage in the rumor mills and this and that would actually use that energy to register a few more voters,” he said. “My focus is winning. It’s making sure that we keep the majorities in the House and the Senate. It’s not just for the Democratic Party to win, it’s because I’m legitimately scared, legitimately scared about where this country goes if we lose.”  

Harrison appears to be an in-tune national leader being responsive to the needs of state parties. He released a short statement after news broke that a Pennsylvania court struck down a prior rule on voting by mail. 

“The DNC will not let today’s ruling deter us from our work to ensure that all eligible Pennsylvania voters are given an equal opportunity to participate in our elections,” Harrison said. “Pennsylvanians can rest assured that today’s decision has already been appealed and stayed. We are confident in our case, and we will leave no stone unturned in our ongoing efforts to protect the freedom to vote.” 

Despite the alleged issues with Harrison, fundraising has remained on pace.

Any issues in the Democratic party need to be addressed internally and not playing out in anonymous talking points. Publicly, he continues to be a team player and even has a well-placed takedown or two on social. 

More than 30 years since the Democratic party elected its first Black national party chair, It seems to be still grappling with how best to follow the lead of a Black person In charge. Ron Brown was Jesse Jackson’s convention manager in 1988 before stepping into leadership of the Democratic National Committee in 1989. He remained in office until 1993, overseeing Democrats rebound with the victory of Bill Clinton a year earlier.  



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